Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Ponderings on the year to come!

As I shelter from the apparently not quite worst the weather has to throw at us, I'm beginning to think about what I plan to do next year gaming wise. The list is, as always with me, an extensive one, though i must be realistic.

I think it would be nice to work on perhaps four main projects within the whole year, which even then is optimistic, but you need goals afterall!

So then, what four things do I want to work on? Firstly I wouldn't mind getting back to the Dwarfs, so I think they will have to take the first slot. Apart from anything else, I plan to use the Dwarfs for next year's Mighty Empires campaign at the club, so getting on with these will take some pressure off! For 40k, thats a tough one! I think realistically, the most likely candidate is the Lash/oblit army. it is small and compact, plus I'm hoping to use it in the GT (probably Autumn now), so that is slot two! these two will probably be worked upon concurrently, so will likely impede upon each other, so will likely mean I don't have much of next year left by the time that lot is done, so best to stick with smaller projects.

Slot three is an easy choice really: get on with that Ad Mech fleet! If I can get a bit done here and there, i'd hope I will be able to break the back of it by Summer and get the fleet finished by the new year. To do so, I'll break the fleet in to squadrons and work on them as mini battle groups.

for the final slot, i'm unsure which to go for. on the one hand, I like the idea of getting my Carnival of Chaos Mordheim Warband done, but also I've been toying with custon making my own Blood Bowl Team using parts from the other ranges. I think I'll keep this slot open to whatever takes my fancy, but one thing is for sure, I intend to get the Dwarfs to at least 2.5k, the CSMs to the ToS requirement and the Ad Mech to at least 1k!

But who am I kidding? is any of this actually likely? unlikely!


  1. Good to see you are getting around to some BFG Mark!

  2. You will buy all the stuff you need tho! ;)

    Look forward to your stuff...

  3. lol, I already own most of it!

    cheers pete, yeah, tried it a earlier this year and enjoyed it, and i'd always liked the blunt but powerful look of the Ad Mech ships

  4. BFG, wow I didnt think anybody still played it, I will have to get my fleets out and dust them off, so many things to do lol.

  5. Ben at the club plays BFG and has a two working fleets already - but he cheats with one of them because he plays Eldar ;)

  6. I also have a BFG fleet that I got in the las ever sale that GW did.

  7. my god ross, your showing your age now!

    perhaps one for next year then guys?

  8. Hell yeah, I want to make my Khornes Teeth fleet!

    hmm... money. Need some.