Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Post Christmas spread

Greetings all! Hope you all had a good holiday of choice and if you are from a present receiving denomination that you got all you hoped for. I for one have had a good Christmas, and whilst gaming related presents were low in numbers, I got a few bits I wanted for my Trollbloods, which I am very happy with!

Now, in my last entry I spoke about my decision whether to use Vampires or Beastmen for my alternate WFB army, and as I'm sure most of you have seen by now, the new Vampire Counts book and a range of delicious new miniatures are being released mid January. Obviously this has swung the balance in their favour ousting the Beastmen from the running, and now means that I have dug (get it?) out some of my VC models, which still require assembly.

For now I am holding off making decisions on which of the new units to purchase. I mentioned in my last post my Necrarch Vampire, Abdemanechus. I love the idea of him, but it seems that inevitably GW are focussing on the von Carsteins, which I have also always been drawn to, so for now I think it prudent to see what the book entails and decide from there!

In terms of the Ogre Kingdoms, I began assembling the Stonehorn/Thundertusk last night and it is currently at the point where the generic pieces are now fully assembled and the next step is to begin assembly as one of the variants. Trouble is, at the moment I'm struggling to decide on which one - whilst I like the look and idea of the Thundertusk, I can't help but love the Stonehorn too, and so am torn. I've asked the Whyf and she prefers the Thundertusk, but who knows which one I shall ultimately make, at least first as I've already decided that I'll definitely be getting a second kit!!!

The Dark Eldar have hit a lull at the moment: I'm still waiting for a couple of the models for our initial list to arrive so that they can be assembled, and due to the break, I've had no time whatsoever to even pretend that I'm going to paint them, but time draws onward and sooner or later I shall have to begin them!

In the meantime I'll occupy myself with all the shiny new toys I have!

Have a great New Year guys!

Thursday, 22 December 2011


Ernst Leichtanzer cast about frantically, searching for anything that would help. His master, the Great Abdemanechus had charged Leichtanzer with securing favour with the gods for the new year so that the venerable old Vampire may once more stalk the lands in search of prey and power. Three things were known to Leichtanzer: The sons of Tchar had fallen from favour and had been consigned to something called The Cudbord, a Tribe from the Ogre Kingdoms had secured their place and were growing stronger daily and that there was one more place of favour which Leichtanzer must secure for his master ahead of the twisted Beasts of the forests. Time was of the essence as both expected reinforcements resulting from an arcane ceremony celebrated by one of the gods that Abdemanechus referred to as Krismoss. Truly these gods were strange! Not least as they seemed to be different aspects of one god on current whims. Abdemanechus spoke of these gods are turning their gaze once more upon the Old World, though he spoke too of other worlds: one, strangest of all with creatures encased in armour of Blood vying for attention against strange elven beings that sought only torment, all the while as giant bone coloured warriors looked on lamenting their former standing. Another, similar in many respects to the Old World where a Tribe of strange blue skinned creatures led by powerful warlocks strode forth proud in the knowledge they had no rivals for the god's affections. The last world was one mainly of sea, though it was a neglected world. Upon it strange ships of iron (as if such a thing would be possible!) did battle in the name of their queen, one named Vectroria. Strange as these seemed, Leichtanzer could not help but feel that he must be wary lest they catch the eyes of these gods more often!

Well, another year nearly gone and this one really went fast! Its now time for my annual short listing of future projects that I won't get finished, and to begin with it's Warhammer! The release of the Ogre Kingdoms book has reinvigorated my interest in fantasy and I've enjoyed the few games I've had with them despite losing all but one, which was a very enjoyable draw. The idea is to focus on the Ogres as a main army but to have a second army available to use to add variety especially when facing the same opponents. I've decided once and for all to store away the Warriors of Chaos for now and so the choices that attract me the most are Beastmen and Vampire Counts. I think therefore I shall have a few games with each in the New Year to see which appeals more.

For 40k, much like the Warriors of Chaos in Fantasy, I've grown tired of the Deathwing so have decided to place them in storage for a while and work on something new. The Blood Angels had initially caught my eye, but recent decisions for Doubles have meant that the Dark Eldar that have been clogging up my cupboard are now finally being assembled, and consequently will need painting meaning that I may actually have a second army (half) painted by the end of February!

In terms of Hordes and Dystopian Wars, I'm due to get a few bits from each so its more of the same on those fronts, which is fine as I enjoy both!

So, that are my plans, but what is in the pipeline for you guys in the coming year?

If I don’t see or speak to you beforehand guys, have yourself a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

God bless!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

quiet time

Not a pretty sight that photo is it? It was taken at the Planetary Empires at the end of last month.