The Throng of Khazid Rhynn

Khazid Rhynn is the name of my Dwarf Hold, literally Red Settlement.

I began painting the Dwarfs for the 2009 WFB doubles tournament and got them up to 750 points, but since then they have been largly ignored.

I plan to grow the force in the near future to be my 'second army' to allow me some variety.

The Stormkrow Tribe

The Stormkrow Tribe are my Warriors of Chaos army which was originally painted for the 2010 Doubles tournament then expanded for an Independent Tournament run by the Pennine Raiders in July called the Pennine Pillage.

Because the force was written for 7th ed, the army is heavily reliant upon magic and small punchy units with the Marauder unit just there to be a static wound taking unit for my foot Sorcerers to cast out of.

The doubles army didn't fare that well, partly because it wasn't an army I was used to and partly because it wasn't good enough at what it was intended to do.

The pillage list however fared well, coming 8th in the competition (out of 24, but still) and I would have placed higher, however my last opponent of the day was literally 5 VP points off a draw, and that was because he had graciously allowed me earlier to charge a unit that although I had declared a charge, had forgotten to move! That sort of sportsmanship deserves a bit of leeway in my book!

The army itself, aside from the marauders and the foot Sorcerers is entirely painted by my wife and she has said that she will continue to paint it until complete (a foolish promise indeed!)

Personally I think she has done a bloody good job, and even those that she has done so far she says aren't finished. Despite this, the army was a Gnat's nut from getting best-painted army at the Pennine Pillage event

Now for some pictures:

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