Friday, 10 December 2010

A week on Fenris

s I sit here on the last weekday of my week off, in which i have stayed at home every day because a) i'm having a kitchen fitted and b) its too bloody cold to go anywhere, I've not really made that much progress with anything in particular, however I have read A Thousand Sons, and if you haven't, go and do so now!

I've also played a fair bit of Blood Bowl on the computer and managed to avoid tidying up every day.

lastly i've assembled a couple of marine units: an attack bike and some scouts (though these guys aren't yet finished.


The reason i've assembled these guys is because i've been having a play about with a few different marine list and I plan to make some changes to the normal list I field, though that is for another time!


  1. Are you showing off your new worktop there?

    Scouts, should be an interesting addition. The times I faces them I found them to be an irritant unit that you have to deal with.. cool.

  2. lol, thats the most clutter free part of my house at the moment.

    They aren't actually going to be in my Dark Angels now, i've found that i can make a 1,500 point army with leftovers, so decided to go with that and spend some time adding detail to it.

    this force will have an Ad Mech bias to go along with my Ad Mech fleet.