Monday, 8 September 2014

Malifaux Journal: Progression

The masters have begun to trust me enough again to let me write. They did not take well to the failure of my last assigned task, for which I was punished. It has taken much to appease their wrath and many promises I hope I can keep, for I fear this is my second and
final chance. 

I have been given to a new master as the old one grew tired of my excuses. In truth I belong to many masters, yet only one at a time ever assign me a task. I think they fear my escape, as last time I came in to contact with the servants of others, from whom I learned much of the wider world of Malifaux.

Well the Cojo Dojo has long since been and gone, and I really enjoyed my first Malifaux tournament. In the end, I finished 29th out of 30, which is one place higher than I expected. It should be pointed out here that I got the same points (nil) as the people that came 28th and 30th, but what separated us were the VPs from our games.