Friday, 30 March 2012

Oh Games Workshop, how I hate thee!

Sounds like I'm about to rant about their negatives, doesn't it?

Quite the contrary actually. What I really want is for them to give me a bit more time between releasing the armies I use.

I was going well until the released the Beastmen book at the end of last edition, but as soon as I had completed my new units, the Ogre book was released so I began work on that. Then the Vampire Counts were released so I scambled to get them risen. I'm still awaiting the arrival of some of the units I ordered last month to complete my Kemmler army and now I hear that the Empire are getting re-done, which is awesome, especially seeing some of the new models, but the problem is I keep running just to keep up with army development.

Seriously GW, I've already heard that the Dark Angels are on the way, so if you DARE release Daemons, Wood Elves, Warriors of Chaos or Dwarfs this year, we are going to seriously fall out!!!!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

The freshly risen

Well, its been a long weekend but I've finally managed to complete the 50 strong Skeleton unit.

Whether I'll ever field a full 50 unit remains to be seen, but it never hurts to be optimistic about Invocation rolls. Other than that I've also recently built a Terrorgheist and Kemmler and Krell.

Although recently assembled, I have used Krell and Kemmler in an intro game I had with Mart and whilst I kept things basic so the intro game flowed, I was happy with how Krell in particular worked. His Heroic Killing blow is going to be useful against Ogres and other Monstrous Infantry Characters and Champions, however the fact that it is restricted to challenges seems somewhat rubbish.

I've just received Vlad and Isabella as late birthday presents but other than those two, there are only 20 Zombies left to assemble of the Vampire Counts models I already own, which is just as well as May isn't that far off and I have a lot of Blood Angels models to assemble for Chris' Spring wargaming weekend.

I just can't get away from those blood suckers!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Darklands Campaign, Turn 1

I am currently taking part in a campaign based in the Dark Lands with Ben, Sam and Chris and we have just completed the first turn. The campaign is being played using the Blood in the Badlands supplement with a few adjustments.

I am using Vampire Counts and have two armies: One led by the not so magical Abdemanechus, a Vampire Lord, the other led by the Lichmaster himself: Heinrich Kemmler.

My first battle saw Abdemanechus face Ben's 'Archlector' let Empire (I'll provide a bit more info on these at a later date). It wasn't going too badly until the latter stages, but sadly the Flagellents wore down my Ghoul unit and that really swung the battle.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to field the army I really wanted to as I am still waiting for parts of it to arrive, though i think that Ben was in a similar position so i cannot complain too much. Especially since I deployed and used a unit of Hex Wraiths for two turns before realising they weren't in the revised list I'd written!

Because of this I'm quite glad Ben won the battle as I think that their presence changed how he had wanted to deploy and for them to be simply removed meant that part of his army had to readjust its position to be of benefit, so the fact that it didn't stop him winning means he may eventually forgive me. Eventually.

So I'm in need of a win and sharpish! all the others seem to be getting interesting bits and bobs and I want me some of that!

So, I'm behind on the tile claiming and the relics