Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I need to find some funds for some upcoming expenses so i have gone through my collection and i have a few items for sale as follows:

1x Necron Monoliths £25

Although not pictured, this also includes a transfer sheet and 4 sets of green plastic rods
2x Necron Immortals £7.50 for the two

Warhammer online Age of Reckoning Collector’s Edition, £50

This includes the limited edition Grumlok & Gazbag, which i will sell for £30.

This is really for the people at Hull's Angels or those that can pick up and pay cash in person, but if you wish me to post, then i can look into it.

If you are interested leave me a comment or pm me on the Hull's Angels website as on this blog, me user name is Drax

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Back in the old world

Had my first game of Fantasy in what seems like a lifetime last night facing off against Ben's Warriors of Chaos with my own Warriors.

The core of my army was my 2,000 force but with a few amendments: I had replaced the hand weapon/shield Warriors and the Tzeentch Sorcerer with a Giant, 10 Marauder Horsemen and a level 1 Sorcerer with the Lore of Death

In short it was fun, but Ben's list was far supiorior to mine and he made short work of my army. It didn't help that when i cast Purple Sun (which Ben had been nervous about me getting) i then rolled a miscast, so rather than ripping a nice big hole in his unit, i took out a few of my own. But not all bad, at least my Sorcerer managed to get 2 power dice back, which would be great if i had more than one spell!

things rapidly went down hill for a bit and i lost all my knights to ben's following some abyssmal saves!

However at this point Ben got greedy and tried to use his Lord slay my giant and thus gain an Eye of the Gods roll, only to fail to kill it and have my giant squish him! I did a victory lap of the club as at this point i'd realised that this was the only victory i was likely to get.

to be honest, the only unit that actually seemed to have some balls was the Lord and Halberd Warrior unit and even they seemed to take an age to chew through the enemy.

In the end, Ben agreed to end the game with only my Lord left, knowing that he could easily deal with him!

And so, defiantly standing against his enemies, Kalaghar Stormkrow prepared to make one last stand!

Tonight I went down to the club for the Warmachine and Hordes intro game which i really enjoyed! A big thanks to Mark who ran me and Luke through a couple of games of Hordes. I tried out the Trollbloods and I really enjoyed it, so I may soon have yet more distractions!

Also, a great big thank you to Alan who has dug out his Ravenwing sprues and let Shane and I fight over - i've claimed enough robed biker legs and torsos to complete my Ravenwing Squadron and if i get a single bike, can make up an attack bike meaning that the attack squadron will be complete!

Still working on those Wights at the moment and hope to finish those over the weekend so should have an update soon.

Friday, 4 March 2011

This and that

Been having a lack of motivation since getting back from Doubles, but I have put together a few Ravenwing Bikers and started a unit of Wights.


Annoyingly I ran out of the Robed legs for these guys so I had to stop at four, but I plan go add Bikers and a Landspeeder to the Mechanicum force at some point, not to mention that I used the Ravenwing Attack Bike as the Mechanicum Attack Bike, so I shall be picking up another Ravenwing Battle Force soon anyway!

Regards the Vampire Counts list, it is proving more difficult than I had imagined to write a list I am happy with.

I'm really wanting to use the Wights and the Varghulf, but boy do they use up a lot of points! I've tried to write an initial 1200 point list using them both and I think it has to be one or the other. If I can work some magic and get them both in a workable list then great, but its proving a stretch. I'm also thinking of trying to shoe-horn a Necromancer in there too. Somehow a single Vampire seems much, much to fragile, but two is too costly. Then there is the need for a standard bearer and so on and so forth!

The Khaleraaq Wars campaign has been put on hold because Mart, Ben and frankly most of the participants are all fickle gamers and are lusting after new models to spend their hard earned on, which is fine for me as I can continue to assemble what I want at my own pace for the time being.

I wouldn't mind your thoughts on lists guys so if you have any ideas on how to improve the 2400 list or what to use in the 1200 one, let me know. The vamps are intended to be a bit Necrarch in theme but able to handle themselves, but other than that, i'm fairly open - just because i would like to use the Varghulf and the Wights in one army, doesn't mean I have too!

cheers guys!