Saturday, 23 April 2011

Mobilisation: The task ahead

I thought that i would take some pictures of the forces i intend to use in each game to give me some idea of what i need to do. Hopefully this will spur me on and i wont find myself a fortnight from the event with no progress to show!

Game 1:

Game 2:

Game 3:

Game 4:

Game 5:

So there is a lot to do, including some finalising to assembly such as the assault marines, the LRC is a proxy that Ben has lent to me to practice with until i get mine assembled etc etc. It isn't as bad as it looks as obviously there are cross-over units between the lists - when i complete the models for game one, i will obviously be completing units for other games!

at least the majority of the work is painting, however I have hit a snag; Obviously at some point, either the Whyf or I have seen the spray gun and come to the obvious conclusion that since i don't paint, there is no point in having it clutter up the area and as such it is no doubt 'somewhere safe', so the next task is to find it!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Preparing for war

Its been a while since I have made a proper post and a few things have changed since then - first amongst these being that I shall be going to the Badab Wars campaign weekend in June along with Ben and Sam.

We have decided to all go as sucessionists and so once more I find myself in need of a painted army when i seem to have more than half of one left to do!

I have decided to use the Dark Angels codex, mainly for theme, but also because I wanted to use a couple of terminator squads without loosing the ability for them to count as scoring, and with the recent FAQ, i'm not at as much as a disadvantage as I had been. However, 50 point Drop Pods with a max capacity of 10, not to mention that i shall have to pay more for my special and heavy weapons in tactical squads are still causing me concern. Nevertheless, this isn't going to be a competitive weekend, so I can afford to to worry so much about these things.

I am still trying to conjour up some background for the army - they wont be used as Dark Angels, they will be being used as a seperate chapter so as not to muddy the waters - though at the moment i am loathe to have them be my own Traitor Chapter before conversion as i hadn't intended them to start off in the badab wars.

I also recently assembled 1k of Nurgle Daemons for no actual reason - complete with magnetized bases on the monstrous based units (Beasts, Great Unclean One etc) though the Plague Bearers are on round bases as i'd not figured out how to make these work. I shall post a pic at some point in the future, but i'm hoping to grow these guys a little to get them either up to 1.5k or 1.75k, but as yet don't have the funds.

The Sisters aren't doing too well in the campaign: 2 losses from 2 may well see them as the first expulsion from the campaign. I can't quite seem to get a list to work with the models i have, but we shall see - as always, i'll play to win.

As part of the drive to paint the force for the campaign weekend, i shall be trying out the spray gun next week - good or bad i hope to post the results, which means that maybe, just maybe it will be the first things i say i will paint, then actually do paint then post up so you can see that i have painted.

...and if you look out of that window there, you may see that flying pig!

until then,