Monday, 25 July 2011

Reinforcements for the Kingdom!

The first wave of reinforcements have arrived, and its once again distracting me. Its a difficult task concentrating on the Trollbloods with these boys staring at me. In this batch is the Dreadnought, which is massive by the way!, the fleet carrier, two lots of escorts and a squadron of destroyers.

Aside from one or two elements that i shall keep to myself for now, thats the navy more or less sorted meaning it won't be long until i start buying and storing the ground forces!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Learn to fear this man! It may one day save your life!

Luke and I finally had our long awaited game last night with a 25 point match up. I used the list I mentioned earlier this week: pDoomie, max Kriel Warriors w/ the standard & piper UA, min Krielstone Bearers w/ Stone Scribe Elder UA, Dire Troll Mauler, Pyre Troll and a welcome return to the Axer.

I faced off against his Cygnar which included: pCaine, squire, a unit of Gun Mages (no idea if it was min or max) and two heavy Warjacks, though I don't recall which ones other than one could lay down covering fire.

To be honest not a lot happened until turn three then it became very messy - Luke managed to reduce Doomie to two damage boxes but then left Caine exposed. I think he thought it was all over at that point, but I don't think he was counting on me not really following the advice I was given by Chris, so i went against the plan i had formed and kind of half followed his suggestion and messed it up.

But pCaines feat! by the gods that is horrid! My force was kind of a horde force, so it was just what the feat was aimed at really! Had it not been for tough and a few buffs, it would have decimated me!

In the end, Luke got a caster kill on me, which was a fair reflection really, but that in itself means I have a double loss!

I now have two weeks to paint a model! and [i]I[/i] have to paint it, not Louise! I have chosen the Impaler for two reasons - at the moment, its not a warbeast I’m drawn to, so painting it will give me something to test on, but also, if it goes well, once it is painted, it may inspire me to use him more!

So, off I go to find out if i actually own any paint! Thanks a lot Luke! ;)

Monday, 18 July 2011

the kriel grows

Pay attention Luke, this is what you are beating this wednesday. 25 points: pDoomie, Mauler, Pyre and Axer, max kriel warriors with standard & musician, min krielstone bearers with stone scribe elder.

The axer gets back in as tbh he's been more successful than the slag troll, so i'm giving him another shot - i'd also found from the tournemennt that not having anything with reach when your opponent is, at times, dripping in reach models really takes its toll. The Pyre troll stays in by virtue of liking the model whilst the mauler is a much needed heavy warbeast and the only one i have assembled at the moment. saying that he is doing well.

The kriel warriors are now at full strength and i have been joined by the standard and musician so they are getting another run out to see if they perform better with their mates around.

after a brief spell at max, the krielstone bearers are back to min size, although they do have their stone scribe buddy with them. this is a points restriction desicion really, but then its not a major issue really as long as i keep them out of trouble.

the only thing i am missing really is a decent solo to add some buffs, but unfortunately at this level i just can't squeeze one in. maybe i shall fit one in at 35 pts.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

The joy of not having to prepare an army

I am currently having a bit of down time from assembling miniatures or designing listsat the moment, which is pretty usual after a hefty weekend in Nottingham, but at nearly two weeks since getting back, this is a veritable hosepipe ban!

Don't get me wrong, i've not lost my love for wargaming, but sometimes its nice to have a little break to re-focus and prioritise. I've spoken recently of setting about the KoB for Dystopian Wars, and whilst i do want to get to them as soon as possible, at present i'd possibly go hurtling in only to lose my enthusiasm for it fairly soon after as either the Trollbloods or possibly just a speck of dust catches my attention.

Instead, i've being doing a great deal or reading;  With Hordes, I am looking over the rules for a second time, with Dystopian Wars I am reading those rules from cover to cover, which is something I haven't bothered with for many, many years now, and with 40k I am refreshing myself on the sections of the rules which I feel that the last weekend away has taught me I know the least.

In terms of none rules reading, I am actually doing a lot less of this than normal. I am nearly at the end of Angels of Darkness, which whilst fun is taking me some time.

That really just leaves WFB - I'm feeling a little lost with this one really - I am starting to struggle with lists i am happy with, and whilst i've finally started to have some success with the Warriors of Chaos with a more combat orientated list, it does tend to be a missive win or massive loss army, and doesn't seem to create many stories. Another issue is that I just don't want to play 3k games which it seems the edition is geared towards, and at the same time, the traditional 2k game seems a little under powered for a 'large' battle.

Instead it seems logical to me that the most logical points are 1200 for a small game and 2400 for a large game. these two levels mean that there are decent enough points brakets for lords/heroes, Specials and Heroes without being too open.

But really all this is good news as it means i don't need to fuss too much, i just gather together what i have if i want a game but can otherwise just focus on reading and relaxing.

Anyone else enjoying a bit of down time?

Monday, 4 July 2011

Life after the Palace of Thorns

Well, the dust has now settled after the Badab wars and as much fun as it was, there is a certain amount of releif. Although there are still elements of the army that require attention, i've decided that Louise has earnt her break and so, the army can wait a while.

Instead, there are now two things occupying hobby time. Firstly, my Trollblood Kriel Warriors is now in its next stage whereby i'm increasing unit sizes, adding attachments and adding new warbeasts. I've now received and built the Mauler and the slag troll which means that soon I shall begin on the Blitzer and then the Kriel Warrior Standard and Piper. I have also now got my Stone Scribe Elder meaning that my Krielstone unit is now more worthwhile. The problem with this though is that it is meaning that i'm finding it hard to fit everything in. Beforehand I just had about enough to squeeze a game together, but now there are too many exciting things and not enough points to go round. So at least for now i shall be employing the Trollblood version of the Chelsea squad rotation system.

Next up I'm starting my reading of the Dystopian Wars rulebook and whilst its early days yet, with some luck it won't be too long until the Kingdom of Britannia set sail, but more on that later