Saturday, 15 October 2011

Also, whose cat?

Had two very enjoyable games against Ben today with the Ogres. The first game was against Ben's own Ogre army which I thought may well be an uphill struggle. The list i used for both games was as follows:

1 Tyrant w/ Ironfist, Ironcurse icon, Armour of Destiny, Ogre blade, Luckstone 315
1 Butcher w/ Ironfist, extra level, hell heart 188
6 Bulls w/ fc, Ironfists, look out gnoblar 227
6 Bulls w/ fc, IronfistsI look out gnoblar 227
7 Ironguts w/ fc, look out gnoblar, Dragonhide banner 386
4 Leadbelchers w/ bellower 182
4 Mournfangs w/ bellower, standard, Ranger's Standard 350
1 giant 200
1 Ironblaster 170
10 Gnoblars w/ trappers 50
10 Gnoblars w/ trappers 50
10 Gnoblars w/ trappers 50

Both games didn't start well to be honest but in the end swung back a bit. The Ironblaster was so-so for me, and the giant, as much as I loved it didn't really do much in game one, and game two, although he 'killed' a unit of Cairn Wraiths and a Vampire, we aren't entirely sure whether he could really have done this against ethereal models. Most of his results were yell and ball which is fair enough, but the vampire was picked up and thrown back in to combat.

The Mournfangs were immense, and even when they rolled badly they still managed to do well! I'm glad that I chose to give them the Ranger's Standard which certainly made them more versatile! The Gnoblars were a mixed bag: in both games two units did next to if not nothing of use, but the 3rd unit did spectacularly earning their points back and then some! i think they chipped a couple of ogres (though one i think was badly wounded) with traps and thrown weapons and combat hits, and they took out quite a few zombies chipping them down enough to make a difference in the long term!

The butcher died in both games, but in the game vs the Vampire Counts i predicted the imminent death of the unit he was in, so i managed to achieve a magnificent set of miscasts with the Hellheart! I reduced the ethereal vamp and a necromancer on a corpse cart to wizard level 0, caused a few deaths to some ghouls through magical feedback and a wound to the other necromancer and the standard bearer.

Other than that, the bulk of the army did ok, but I think i just need to get used to them a bit more, so all in all a good start!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

From the mountains they came

So this is what I've been up to for the past few weeks: Slowly building up my Ogre Kingdoms army which I bought the majority of years ago!

I'd picked up the new book a week or so after release and I loved the new mournfangs and the ironblaster models so I could resist the chance to finally set about building the army up!

Hopefully this will kickstart the love for fantasy again as I've barely played it this edition and as I've said several times I'm not that enthusiastic about the Warriors of Chaos, but when I do play fantasy I feel stuck with them as they are a) the nearest to painted I have and b) the army I've learned to use the best (I struggled with the Beastmen), yet somehow they don't excite me!

I'll be taking them for a spin at the weekend against Ben's own Ogre army and a more regular sized army (basically so that I can stomp/thunderstomp them and see how that fares)

On another note, it may be a while before I get down to the club again. For a few reasons things have changed and I now don't have the time that I used to. I'm not taking a break from the hobby or anything, but getting the time to get in to Hull is, at least for now, a thing of the past. Watch this space.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Big Changes afoot!

I've been getting back in to the fantasy love affair once again so have been assembling one or two models over the last week. My favourite of the models built was the giant.

I'm sure that you can already guess which army he shall be for, but if not i shalt spoil the surprise! and if you know don't say! (this all really boils down to me wanting to think i'm all mysterious and stuff, even though i'm not).

so whilst this new endeavor is underway, I've once more been using the Stormkrow Tribe. Faced Ben's Ogre list earlier in the week and i must say, it gave my  well honed list a run for its money. It didn't help that i couldn't remember how my lord was supposed to be kitted out, but he was 90% how i used to field him, so there is now real excuses there. Seems that the new book isn't as bad as feared!