Sunday, 25 September 2011

Signalling the fleet

I took the Kingdom fleet out for a Jolly Boy's outing against Ben's Prussian Empire this week with mixed success. On the one hand I lost, but on the other I am starting to get a handle on the game now!

Typically I forgot to take my list with me so had to cobble one together when I arrived, so I’ll give you a rundown of the force, but I’m more likely to be accurate with Ben's list!

From memory I had a Dreadnought with two shields, a battleship with one shield and 3 escorts, three cruisers with experienced engineers, 3 destroyers, 4 frigates and 2 scout rotors.

Whilst I took a pounding, at least this time I’d managed to chip through Ben's force a bit more and I think experience will help me coordinate my attacks to a better combination. One of the elements of the game that we are still struggling with is the tiny fliers, and whilst there is still a way to go with them, I think that we are finally getting a bit nearer to understanding how they should be used.

I think that the destroyers, when used correctly shall be a fantastic addition to my fleet but I think I need more than the initial 3! Their pack hunters rule together with their high torpedo attacks will mean that groups of 4 will be more beneficial as I could either use a 4 strong squadron in groups of two against two smaller targets or a single 4 strong combined attack to make the most of breaking through the concussion charges of the larger ships.

I'm still struggling with the larger flyers. I used the Scout rotors last night and whilst they were nippy, there was only one occasion where there spotter rules came in to effect, so unless I learn to get the most out of the mines that they lay, it may be prudent to go back to the heavy bombers and perhaps use both together to try and get a quicker impression of their abilities.

The dreadnought did ok. It didn’t set my world alight (nor Ben’s ships too much!) but I think like the rest of the force I’m still needing to find how best to use him.

I’m struggling the most with the cruisers – they haven’t seemed to do much other than make up points and numbers. Other ships just seem to do their job better. If anyone reading this can give me some pointers especially on these, but really with any aspect, please let me know!

I didn’t use the subs during the battle though I think that I may switch these back in next time as I’ve been having a few thought on how best to use them and so am eager to find out if I am right.

I’ve attached a few photos which Ben kindly sent and shall try and describe what is happening in each.

KoB first turn just moments after the start (hence why the scout rotors are so far on the board!)

Prussian deployment

The end of turn 1 and I think at this point i'd taken out a Prussian cruiser and in return a scout rotor had suffered some damage.


Turn 2 and there was only one destroyer remaining for the KoB

Turn 3 and the damage starts to mount up for both sides, though the Prussians are seeming to lead the day!


You sunk my Battleship!


The end of the battle at the end of turn 4. It seemed like days later, but was infact 4 hours after the start!

Undeniably the Prussians had the edge but it hadn't gone all their own way as i'd managed to cause a fair amount of damage (or rather I'd caused more than I thoguht that I would do!) Next time Kaiser Ben! Next time!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Training for the Hull vs York event.

I had a test game with Nick last night with the 35 point list that I intend to take to the Hull vs York event this Saturday and I have to admit, Kenny sure has written me a strong list! The best thing about the game however was that Nick taught me a great deal and was a very patient teacher!