Thursday, 23 December 2010

I had a game at my house!


For most, not a big deal, but i've waited ages since the last time, and the difference now is that i've worked out a way to make the board 6x4! simply adjust an ironing board to the same/similar size as a table! Having this game reduces the average cost per game I host to £27.50! so i'm getting there! :D

I faced Ben's Dark Eldar with the same list as I took to the tournament and the mission was Annihilation with Pitched Battle deployment. After a decent start it became evident that i was going to lose, but i kept chipping away and thanks to a forced re-roll on a Dark Lance shot to a dreadnought I only lost by 7 kill points to 5 which was actually a lot closer than we had both originally thought. I'd had a few unluckily high scatters on some blast markers which could have made the difference!

I'm looking forward to the changes to my list which I will hopefully be able to make after Christmas, and so I shouldn't be too far off a reasonably strong force!


  1. Awesome! Your both playing alot of 40K at the mo... just as I am about to get into WFB!!

  2. Sorry Drax I'm confused, why does it cost you £27.50 to Host a game?

  3. yeah it does seem that way mart - don't worry though, i'm always happy to play fantasy.

    the cost to host = cost of board divided by numbers of times board used!

    painting this is going on the list of things to do in 2011

  4. Ah I see now, I just have 2 2x6 chip boards cheap as chips lol