Thursday, 30 December 2010

My last entry of 2010

...and rather auspiciously considering the Skaven releases next month, my 13th post to date!

But as I once more resist the lure of warpstone I've been contemplating how I've spent the last year in the hobby.

I started it at 40k doubles and ended it with a 40k tournament in which I had to work hard to come last without trying to come last. And you guys said i'm uncompetitive! Pah!

In between I've built up my beloved Beastmen army, I've purchased and not built an Ad Mech fleet and I've joined a great gaming club.

One of my favourite events of the year was Snorri's stag do (partly) at Warhammer World, but I've also enjoyed going to the Pennine Pillage and finding a renewedlove for 40k.

Over the last week I've already begun to reconsider the projects for the coming year. Obviously I've gotten in to the idea of my Ad Mech Space Marines and that would go hand in hand with the Ad Mech fleet, so I think that that will be my 40k project.

My latest assemblages are currently being called Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee for obvious reasons:

I've left off the Sarcophogi from Each Ironclad as I'm unsure which ones to use at present, which reminds me, I'm still on the hunt of Ad Mech bits, so please keep looking!

Regards my WFB project however, I'm unsure whether to go ahead with the Dwarfs at this stage. Two of the guys at the club are also starting on their own Dwarf armies, so a third one just seems a bit of a waste. Instead I've been thinking about finally starting my Nordland Empire Army.

So I guess that nothing has really changed, I still flit from one thing to another and still change my mind on a weekly basis and that seems set to continue in to 2011!


  1. Those dreads are nice models-look forward to seeing them painted one day ;)

  2. Actually im glad your back into 40k.. Im now getting a lure for Skaven - I cant make up my mind!! I have more than enough projects to be getting on with so not going to rush.

    I love those dreds, be nice to see them getting stomped on by my tweedle dum and tweedle dee! ;)

  3. Pete - I may surprise you in the new year, then again, I may not

    Mart - no chance! I can have 6 of these bad boys! your Walker supremacy is at an end my friend! you may still have the numbers, but i shall have the superior warriors!

  4. Lordi - 6! Paint them so we can take them to doubles! ;)

    (I wont bank on it - dont panic!)