Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A quick note requesting help

Right, ive decided that i want to put the best effort in to my models now, but i often struggle to transfer what i read as advice on to what i paint, so i've decided to ask my fellow gamers at the club for tutoring and general assistance.

just thought i'd say


  1. I have struggled in the past with keeping my painting going, I would start an army with all good intentions but then find myself taking shortcuts to get the job done so I could just play. I have done alot of reseach lately into painting and keeping my morale up whilst doing this, I found that I would get disheartened after spending a couple of days painting a model to a good standard (or good standard for me) then realising I still have 50+ more to go.
    What I'm doing now is having two army, painted at the same time. My Dark Eldar and Dwarfs, when I get bored of doing one I switch and start the other, that way Im not always grinding away at the same type of models, I also paint the base colours in squads, line them up and paint each ones body the same colour for example, once thats done then the legs etc etc. Once I get to the fine detail then I spend the time needed to make the model stand out.
    During my reseach I found this website
    Les is a great painter but importantly he also has alot of video's on how to do things right, Such as paint brushes and even explaining the different types of paints that you can get. I always just bought GW stuff, but I hate to say it there better and sometimes cheaper stuff out there.
    If you head to that site you can spend the next 2-3 hours reading/ watching everything and I know you will learn alot from that, then follow his links to other sites.

    Hope this info helps, will try and catch you at the club sometime

    regards Skal

  2. thanks skarl, i'll check it out. at least your getting there now and with a good quality job too!

  3. I think your problem is you paint something then instantly hate it and that probably puts you off. You need to be critical of your stuff to get better, but really thats it. You will get better the more you paint. I have seen some of you stuff and actually its pretty bloody good, those Ghouls I saw ages ago were particulary good....

    Theres loads of techniques that are simple and effective nowadays. I will offer any advice I can, but rule one is dont fear the paintbrush - try stuff out, sometimes it can look ass, sometimes it can work, the main thing is you will learn and the more techniques and practice you have you will naturally improve... imo