Monday, 2 May 2011

First try with the spraygun

Well I hope you are all sitting down, as I've put some paint on something!



 Now admittedly it isn't much, but its a start. With just over 7 weeks before the Badab Warweekend, i need to try and get a wriggle on so thought that the quickest way was the Citedel Spray gun since i didn't want to rush out and get an expensive one straight away.

The initial try was a bit of a mixed bag. It clearly needs secondary layers to give good coverage but that is no less than I expected. I'm unsure whether i diluted the paint too much however as after a while it began to collect in droplets on the model. having never used this method before, i don't know whether it was dilution, the propellent, whether i was hoding it too close, spraying too long etc etc. if anyone knows, please let me know.

In other news, thanks to Matt, my Deathwing Shoulder pads and Land Raider doors will be arriving later this week meaning i shall soon be able to begin assembly on the LRC. The Apothecary and Standard Bearer Terminators are already part built, but need the aforementioned pads and also need painting before arms/banners may be attached, and since the Whyf has nearly finished her dissertation, i shall shanghai her into painting all the DW elements of the force which consist of the remaining terminators, the LRC and a ven dread.

Also this weekend i went for a couple of days gaming with Ben and Sam. Had a great time, and on the sunday we tried out one of the games from the campaign weekend. It was a great mission in itself, and it taught us a few things too. i'm now beginning to wonder if the fluff reasons for wanting the deathwing involved is enough. Luckily though i should be able to make a couple of minor adjustments to the list to convert it to Space Marines if i really get worried.

the plan tomorrow is to apply a second coat to the vindicaotr and the dreadnought and see how that goes, but please let me know if it sounds like ive done something obvious

cheers guys


  1. It needs to be pretty thin the paint. With AB'ing the trick is more thin coats. If your doing them pretty thin shouldnt take to long to dry and you can simple layer them up in one sitting really. esp if you have a lot to do, by the time you have got first coat on everything - it should be fine to start the second coat. You may need about 4... more likely 3 will be enough tho.

  2. initially it was going fine, but i topped up the paint and water and i think i put too much water in the mix.

    try again tonight and see how i fare