Monday, 16 May 2011

March of the Deathwing

Well, the Deathwing contingent of the army is nearly fully assembled, and in doing so i've realised that they are an army in their own right clocking in at nearly 1,500 if taken with a Chaplain and the obligatory Belial to make it legal.

Because of this turnup, i'm fighting off considering going back to Dark Angels so i can use Deathwing for the Apoc Mission and the first mission, though whats helping matters is it would only benefit me in two games and in contrast there will be so many dissadvantages.

though on the plus side, it will mean less for me to paint and more for Louise!

It does seem strange mind you to have not one but two Land Raiders built in as many weeks - after 18 years of gaming, i'd managed to avoid using these beasts, but given my successes with Deep Striking, I need to keep them safe!

I could therefore do with some advice with regards to set up. Working with them being from the Vanilla Marine codex, the hope is to have two assault squads comprising 3 Thunder Hammer/Storm Shields and 2 Lightning claws in each. Is this the better load out vs Marines? I appreciate that Lightning Claws are the bane of marines, but with the 3++ from the Storm Shields, is it better to gain the most from them and use them to soak up some firepower.

If for whatever reason I cannot get another set of Thunder Hammers, i shall probably have to fall back on a regular Terminator Squad. if so, I am considering a sgt with sword, 1x chainfist and an assualt cannon. This squad to go in the regular Land Raider.

Just to give some extra punch, i am considering squeezing a Techmarine with Servo Harness in some of the lists.


  1. Good stuff, did you ever fix that banner guy I crushed?

  2. nope. irrevocably broken i'm afraid. i'm going to have to replace it. Louise spent a lot of time on that model, and even more trying to repair it.

    everybody is very upset about it and other things to make you feel bad.

  3. All i can say it....avoid a standard terminator squad if possible. I find that assault ones work untold times better.
    As for the rest, especially with the tech marine, sounds like a small but oh so deadly force.

  4. Drax, 3 hammers and 2 claws will work fine, good thing about the hammers is whatever they hit and still survives will be striking at Int 1 next turn. Multiple wound creatures wont last long against them 8)

  5. cheers guys. Looks like i'm going back to the DA dex.

    I don't think i'll be able to avoid a regular termie squad in larger battles, but thats fine - i'll use the Ravenwing to home them in and get them to stay in the right place.

    on the command squad, was thinking but the hammers/storm shields on the apothecary and standard - doe all agree that this is best?

  6. I feel bad...

    your list/idea sucks! It smells of stuff you dont like.