Thursday, 26 May 2011

First Blood and some early re-inforcements!

Finally had my first real game last night against Ben's Skorne, albeit it was a slightly odd game as i've still not had the opportunity to read the rules. As such it became something of a tutorial game with most of the time being used to explain to me what to do.

Nonetheless it was very enjoyable and i'm looking forward to gaming with the Trollbloods again.

I used Madrak, an Axer, two Impalers and the Krielstone Bearer unit.

One thing i learnt was that perhaps the Krielstone bearer unit isn't right for the smaller games, albeit that later on it may be worthwhile. Essentially in the early days i think i need more aggressive units rather than those that hang back in support - my light warbeasts seemed to do well, but really needed a bit of support.

As such, I've dug out the Kriel Warrior unit which will begin to be assembled over the weekend. Yesterday also saw the arrival of two new models in the form of Hoarluk Doomshaper and a Fell Caller.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to get them assembled in time for the game, but as you can see above, they are now ready to rock! To compliment these guys i've already begun to plan the next wave and as such i am leaning towards a Pyre Troll, a Dire Troll Mauler and a unit of Fennblades, but these may need to wait!

In other news, i'm now within a month of Badab Wars and am still a fair way off. I painted my Power Armoured Company Master to minimum standard on Tuesday night and am hoping to get the command squad to the same state by Friday. After that, the main stay of the models are Deathwing or Ravenwing, so there are still a couple of additions to be made to the former and the latter should be easy enough to get to minimum.

Hopefully i should has some tangible improvement after the bank holiday!

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