Saturday, 21 May 2011

For Kith and Kriel

Just a quick one today:

So I needed a break from assembling Dark Angels and decided to set about my Trollbloods so that I can finally get in to Hordes sometime soon. At the moment I've just put together some of the items that I already had which includes the Warpack starter box and the Krielstone Bearer unit.

Although the Warpack contains Madrak, I've decided to go for Hoarluk Doomshaper as my Warlock, at least initially and have just assembled Madrak as a backup. I am currently awaiting delivery of him together with a Fell Caller.

Let me be clear that this isn't a gut reaction to recent GW issues that many are having, but was something i've been trying to get to for a while.


  1. Very exciting stuff, Im looking forward to playing against these. Its a good time to be getting back into PP too, with so many regualrs turning up at Hulls Angels; lets prove Hordes side iz de best (a referance to you ethic confusion).

  2. when was i ethnically confused about being an Ork?

    yeah its good to be getting in to it at last.

    can't help but feel i may struggle though as you have a stonking great beastie and i don't

    ...yet ;)

  3. Im sure it wont take you long, just be sure he's ready to fight the bonzeback titan on my shopping list ha ha.

    You are very confused you may well have believed you were an ork at some point.