Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Ere we go, Ere we go, Ere we go

So, I have managed to get hold of Tickets for the 2011 40k doubles tournament, which mean Mart and I shall be taking his Orks!

I honestly can't wait! we were supposed to go this year, but were unable to make it, and i've been dying to use Mart's Orks ever since!

Now the hard part, need to write up a list that we are both happy with that complies with the slightly altered rules this year. As far as I can tell, we each need a troop and an HQ, then we between us must take one elite, one fast and one elite. I can see that causing some problems to the more elite armies! Hopefully for Orks though, we ought to be able to squeeze in whats needed!

oh, and the best bit, I don't even need to look at a paint brush for this tournament!!!!

more later!


  1. Word of note. I gamed with Nick Baynton this weekend when one of my opponents bummed out ill.

    It sounds like there will be an erratta on the rules pack as they have written it wrong.... so hold tight for awhile.

  2. Yeah, I think its going to be less strict where you can as man troops as you like.

    But the good thing is its 6 games and the normal swiss system and all that jazz so groovy beans.

    Can you let me know what sort of units you might want as Im moving on from Orks and if we want say a big unit of Burnas I will need to make them. They dont long to paint so what ever.

  3. ah, makes sense really - this new events team are dropping clangers all over the place - all the diagrams for the WFB doubles were based on 8x4 tables instead of 6x4!

    tbh mart, i would like burnas, but thats only preliminary thoughts - what are you wanting to take and we'll go from there

  4. The events team need a shake up tbh.

    My thoughts are I would like to make this Kan list work as I know it "can". But really I think we should base the army around two huge boyz squads and two Big Mek KFF, then add in the interesting stuff.

  5. The reason being... is Pod made a good point that I forgot about. When we get them on the objectives, send them to ground and we get a 4+ cover save. On 30 Orks thats going to take some shifting. On KP, its 30 Orks.... Make sure we avoid flamers and we are laughing.

  6. only if they are in cover in the first place, otherwise it is 6+, but i take your point.

    shall have a mess about with some lists that squeeze in kans, am happy with Big Mek with KFF

  7. Yeah I think thats a plan... I think we will be able to squeeze them in... will have to add a buggy in for 30 pts, but we can pretty much hide that all game and then try and contest with it in the last turn or something...

  8. They are in cover from the KFF...

  9. ah, course. will bash up a list and send it to you.