Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Blood Bowl: Har Ganeth Blades

I hope you readers are sat down, because for this week’s blog I actually have some pictures of some models I’ve actually been painting!

It is early stages so far, but I present to you the beginnings of my Dark Elf Blood Bowl team, the Har Ganeth Blades!

I'm entering the club's mini league, and whilst I had originally intended to use my Dwarfs, I was unable to find them when I wanted to start painting, but knew where these guys were, so went with them instead. No worries though as I like using them and had gotten pretty good with them on the PC game which essentially follows the majority of the rules!

I'm going for a fairly balanced and safe starting team with a couple of re-rolls and an apothecary to help me with the fact that I have the minimum 11 players in the team. The team itself will be two Witch Elves, 2 Blitzers and the rest linemen. It may take some time for them to get going, but hopefully I’ll prove to be a fairly elite team once they do!

So now I need to halve my team between painting these guys up and getting used to using them again by gaming on the pc!

Exciting times!

Elsewhere this last week, I had an enjoyable game against a new player using the Warriors of Chaos verses his Vampire Counts. In the end, we called it a draw as we ran out of time, but I think it was heading in his direction to be fair. Although I wasn't exactly going for a win, he was a pretty sharp tactician, so with a bit of practice he'll do well with them!


  1. ****faints


    Good stuff! I may get my Deark Elf team out as well...

  2. lol cheeky!

    yeah, you may as well - if your other option is Skavem, that is what Ben is using anyway, so either way there is certain to be duplication.

  3. Hi Drax,

    I wanted to wish you good luck with the team, I love how you removed Horkon's face from the cloak to use an an Assassin.

    I personally recommend starting with all four Blitzers and getting the Witch Elves afterwards though. I've covered this in detail at http://bbtactics.com/tv1000-dark-elf-starting-roster/ might be worth considering if you haven't started playing yet.

    There is plenty other strategy covered on my site as well. If you ever get stuck on what skill to select then by all means ask on the forum as well.

  4. interesting thoughts there, thank you. I shall have a play about with the team and go from there.

    many thanks again!