Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Where you at Drax?

Well it has been months since the previous entry, and frankly that is because I haven't painted anything, let alone an Ad Mech fleet! For this reason, I have decided to make this a more rounded blog rather than a painting progress blog.

So what have I been up to since my last post? Well, although there hasn't been much in the way of painting, I’ve certainly not been idle on the modelling front! With the arrival of 8th edition, I have had to drastically alter my Beastmen army to work under the new rules. The standard size that i have worked to is 2,400, although I can fairly easily increase this to at least 2,500 and in all likelihood, 3,000. The reason for the unusual points size is because that has become our group's norm. It is a nice round number which divides easily for the purposes of the percentage system, whilst at the same time isn't so large an army that it takes too long to play, but is still big enough to allow some good options. I shall go further in to what they army now consists of at a later date.

Still on the WFB front, I've also done a bit of tweaking to the Stormkrow tribe. They now have Chaos Warriors rather than just Marauders and Chaos Knights. I've also added the now obligatory Battle Standard and Kalaghar has deemed his tribe worthy of his presence, though he has so far been little short of embarrassing!

Other than this, I've added units to my Dark Angels army for a very good Apoc battle, which took place at Warhammer World, which was to celebrate the stag do for my good friend Sam Dowd.

I also took part in the Hull's Angels Welcome Home Tournament this weekend just gone and I had a great time both taking part and also meeting a fantastic bunch of people, but more on that story later!

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