Monday, 25 July 2011

Reinforcements for the Kingdom!

The first wave of reinforcements have arrived, and its once again distracting me. Its a difficult task concentrating on the Trollbloods with these boys staring at me. In this batch is the Dreadnought, which is massive by the way!, the fleet carrier, two lots of escorts and a squadron of destroyers.

Aside from one or two elements that i shall keep to myself for now, thats the navy more or less sorted meaning it won't be long until i start buying and storing the ground forces!


  1. lovely stuff. Sadly my sales didnt do well enough to get me the dreadnought for prussia, but on the plus side I finished painting my land forces today; so the prussians are itching for war!

  2. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I wanty, I want.

    That looks F ing awesome.

  3. I want a dreadnought!!!!!!!!!

    Intended to pick one up but being distracted by waiting impatiently for my everblight.

    But I definetly agree with mart thats $%£"!&* awesome.

  4. its lovely.

    if only i could find a goddam craft knife in this infernal house and then i could get through the bloody backlog!!!

  5. Well I ordered my rulebook yest, I'm gonna read up whilst I'm having a break from gaming. From the videos on You tube the game looks good and the models look nice to

  6. how is it going with the break Nick?

  7. Good thanks Drax. I pop in now and again to keep in touch with you guys, seeing what your all up to. I recieved half my delivery for my Menoth forces today but they are still in the boxes on the table, its taken almost a month to get it. I'm just waiting for the rule books (Warmachine and Dystopian Wars) still.... lol.
    I hav'nt got my Mojo back yet, no desire to paint or model, so I'm enjoying the break. Infact thats a lie I am painting but its the house 8(
    Still at least there is no dead line to finish it.

  8. lol.

    i can do you a deal, i hate the painting side but love assembling. how about it work on the assembly line for you whilst your mojo is lacking and you can paint for me when your back to it? ;)

  9. lol no thanks I'm much the same as you assembly is the easy part, getting round to painting the models thats the ball ache.