Monday, 4 July 2011

Life after the Palace of Thorns

Well, the dust has now settled after the Badab wars and as much fun as it was, there is a certain amount of releif. Although there are still elements of the army that require attention, i've decided that Louise has earnt her break and so, the army can wait a while.

Instead, there are now two things occupying hobby time. Firstly, my Trollblood Kriel Warriors is now in its next stage whereby i'm increasing unit sizes, adding attachments and adding new warbeasts. I've now received and built the Mauler and the slag troll which means that soon I shall begin on the Blitzer and then the Kriel Warrior Standard and Piper. I have also now got my Stone Scribe Elder meaning that my Krielstone unit is now more worthwhile. The problem with this though is that it is meaning that i'm finding it hard to fit everything in. Beforehand I just had about enough to squeeze a game together, but now there are too many exciting things and not enough points to go round. So at least for now i shall be employing the Trollblood version of the Chelsea squad rotation system.

Next up I'm starting my reading of the Dystopian Wars rulebook and whilst its early days yet, with some luck it won't be too long until the Kingdom of Britannia set sail, but more on that later


  1. Certainly exciting times. I will pass on Dystopian Wars for now, though it does look good!!

    I look forward to your combos for Trollbloods, im hoping to get a few combos for my Cryx! (first combo arriving today! Hopefully!!)

    Are you putting Menoth on hold for now? I was going to do a Hordes force before I realised how completely compatible the two systems are so may not bother and go for something completely different (system wise) after my Cryx.

  2. i think i'm going to keep Menoth for Christmas and Birthday. I'd rather get the Trollbloods sorted and in addition try out the KoB fleet and look in to land forces.

    The only real exception to this is to get Reznik a solo or two and the two player starter box with Shane so that i can have a small game if i want to

  3. aah yes the starter box...

    please do me a favour and dont show me any of your KoB or anything to do with Dystopian wars!

  4. shall i show you my Empire of the Blazing Sun stuff instead?