Saturday, 9 July 2011

The joy of not having to prepare an army

I am currently having a bit of down time from assembling miniatures or designing listsat the moment, which is pretty usual after a hefty weekend in Nottingham, but at nearly two weeks since getting back, this is a veritable hosepipe ban!

Don't get me wrong, i've not lost my love for wargaming, but sometimes its nice to have a little break to re-focus and prioritise. I've spoken recently of setting about the KoB for Dystopian Wars, and whilst i do want to get to them as soon as possible, at present i'd possibly go hurtling in only to lose my enthusiasm for it fairly soon after as either the Trollbloods or possibly just a speck of dust catches my attention.

Instead, i've being doing a great deal or reading;  With Hordes, I am looking over the rules for a second time, with Dystopian Wars I am reading those rules from cover to cover, which is something I haven't bothered with for many, many years now, and with 40k I am refreshing myself on the sections of the rules which I feel that the last weekend away has taught me I know the least.

In terms of none rules reading, I am actually doing a lot less of this than normal. I am nearly at the end of Angels of Darkness, which whilst fun is taking me some time.

That really just leaves WFB - I'm feeling a little lost with this one really - I am starting to struggle with lists i am happy with, and whilst i've finally started to have some success with the Warriors of Chaos with a more combat orientated list, it does tend to be a missive win or massive loss army, and doesn't seem to create many stories. Another issue is that I just don't want to play 3k games which it seems the edition is geared towards, and at the same time, the traditional 2k game seems a little under powered for a 'large' battle.

Instead it seems logical to me that the most logical points are 1200 for a small game and 2400 for a large game. these two levels mean that there are decent enough points brakets for lords/heroes, Specials and Heroes without being too open.

But really all this is good news as it means i don't need to fuss too much, i just gather together what i have if i want a game but can otherwise just focus on reading and relaxing.

Anyone else enjoying a bit of down time?


  1. Yes,

    To answer your question I am, been almost 2 weeks now without even looking at or thinking about gaming. Sometimes a break from the hobby is good for the soul. I find if you do it too much then it isnt a hobby but a chore. But I still keep logging on and reading the forums just to keep in touch with you all.
    TBH I'm still waiting for my main delivery of Warmachine goodies, but as there was a cock up its still going to be another week I think so I'm gonna chill till then, then once they arrive dive head first back into it.

  2. Im just out of a 3 month down time (literally did nothing for the hobby), my mojo has returned!

    Relax - refocus - aim for another tourny next year - enjoy the newness of homachine.

    Thats my plan. So im the same as you guys.

    TBH Drax, after doubles, (I had a great time) but I think I just relised I dont care for 40k as much as I though I did, and tbh I havent for a long time bfore that (probably since I got rid of Eldar) Im keeping more of an open mind to wargaming. Not doing the "I love the fluff" and "GW make the best models" crap. they do and the fluff is great, but their is a lot of other stuff out there. After reading the rules to Warmchine, I absolutely love the ruleset, ok the mini range aint as polished as GW, but I dont care, its still awesome.

    My next game is that Firestorm Armada (apparently the rules can be proxied to 40k machinery...)I shall see.

    Anywho, just enjoy the down time...

  3. good to see i'm not alone on this then. and @Nick, I absolutely agree - getting the Deathwing up and running was a real chore, and i didn't havee to paint most of that either!

    Since i do want to be the one that paints the trollbloods and the KoB I think it is probably best to wait a bit.

    @mart, do you mean firestorm armada? i'm playing Dystopian Wars - same company, similar rules set, different setting

  4. what do think of the DW rules drax?

  5. still early days really. I'm still only just in the order of play bit as i read painfully slowly

  6. yeah both systems look good tbh! I wont get into either for a bit yet, maybe when I get bored of what Im doing I'll have a go..

  7. omg - just realised that i've got a tournament this weekend! i've been chillin when i should be building!!!!

  8. LOL, Im guesing this is the Hoamchines @ the club?