Monday, 18 July 2011

the kriel grows

Pay attention Luke, this is what you are beating this wednesday. 25 points: pDoomie, Mauler, Pyre and Axer, max kriel warriors with standard & musician, min krielstone bearers with stone scribe elder.

The axer gets back in as tbh he's been more successful than the slag troll, so i'm giving him another shot - i'd also found from the tournemennt that not having anything with reach when your opponent is, at times, dripping in reach models really takes its toll. The Pyre troll stays in by virtue of liking the model whilst the mauler is a much needed heavy warbeast and the only one i have assembled at the moment. saying that he is doing well.

The kriel warriors are now at full strength and i have been joined by the standard and musician so they are getting another run out to see if they perform better with their mates around.

after a brief spell at max, the krielstone bearers are back to min size, although they do have their stone scribe buddy with them. this is a points restriction desicion really, but then its not a major issue really as long as i keep them out of trouble.

the only thing i am missing really is a decent solo to add some buffs, but unfortunately at this level i just can't squeeze one in. maybe i shall fit one in at 35 pts.

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