Thursday, 21 July 2011

Learn to fear this man! It may one day save your life!

Luke and I finally had our long awaited game last night with a 25 point match up. I used the list I mentioned earlier this week: pDoomie, max Kriel Warriors w/ the standard & piper UA, min Krielstone Bearers w/ Stone Scribe Elder UA, Dire Troll Mauler, Pyre Troll and a welcome return to the Axer.

I faced off against his Cygnar which included: pCaine, squire, a unit of Gun Mages (no idea if it was min or max) and two heavy Warjacks, though I don't recall which ones other than one could lay down covering fire.

To be honest not a lot happened until turn three then it became very messy - Luke managed to reduce Doomie to two damage boxes but then left Caine exposed. I think he thought it was all over at that point, but I don't think he was counting on me not really following the advice I was given by Chris, so i went against the plan i had formed and kind of half followed his suggestion and messed it up.

But pCaines feat! by the gods that is horrid! My force was kind of a horde force, so it was just what the feat was aimed at really! Had it not been for tough and a few buffs, it would have decimated me!

In the end, Luke got a caster kill on me, which was a fair reflection really, but that in itself means I have a double loss!

I now have two weeks to paint a model! and [i]I[/i] have to paint it, not Louise! I have chosen the Impaler for two reasons - at the moment, its not a warbeast I’m drawn to, so painting it will give me something to test on, but also, if it goes well, once it is painted, it may inspire me to use him more!

So, off I go to find out if i actually own any paint! Thanks a lot Luke! ;)


  1. Aye that Caines a bitch. Facing that shooty list has made me decide that a basilisk krea, though Im not fond of the model; is a good idea. Its animus raises def and arm and is a much needed buff for my very aggressive melee build.

  2. i think a combination of tough roles and my krielstone really helped me out with the feat, so yeah, the Krea may well be a good idea - bring out the ladies!

  3. I wonder if he would have enough time to shoot Terminus and his regnerating wounds? Probably a good combo - shame its me controling it.... lol

  4. who knows - are you using him yet?