Thursday, 8 March 2012

Darklands Campaign, Turn 1

I am currently taking part in a campaign based in the Dark Lands with Ben, Sam and Chris and we have just completed the first turn. The campaign is being played using the Blood in the Badlands supplement with a few adjustments.

I am using Vampire Counts and have two armies: One led by the not so magical Abdemanechus, a Vampire Lord, the other led by the Lichmaster himself: Heinrich Kemmler.

My first battle saw Abdemanechus face Ben's 'Archlector' let Empire (I'll provide a bit more info on these at a later date). It wasn't going too badly until the latter stages, but sadly the Flagellents wore down my Ghoul unit and that really swung the battle.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to field the army I really wanted to as I am still waiting for parts of it to arrive, though i think that Ben was in a similar position so i cannot complain too much. Especially since I deployed and used a unit of Hex Wraiths for two turns before realising they weren't in the revised list I'd written!

Because of this I'm quite glad Ben won the battle as I think that their presence changed how he had wanted to deploy and for them to be simply removed meant that part of his army had to readjust its position to be of benefit, so the fact that it didn't stop him winning means he may eventually forgive me. Eventually.

So I'm in need of a win and sharpish! all the others seem to be getting interesting bits and bobs and I want me some of that!

So, I'm behind on the tile claiming and the relics


  1. Chris is no better off, he has a castle were you have the monastery though; but you need a relic....

  2. looking through the BitBL book, was i supposed to roll to see if my army dispersed? or are we forgoing that?

  3. Good point, thank fully in this case I dont think it mattered as it was 1 tile away from your empire; But normally the roll should be made. Sam and Chris should perhaps have done so though. But then armies that are driven back cannot claim tiles anyway and at the beginning of the next turn dont we re-place the armies anywhere inside our empires?

  4. We did roll, Chris scattered back to his empire. Pretty sure I put it in our turn 1 summary, sorry if I didn't.

  5. don't worry sam, you did put that in your write up. I think that because it was fast approaching midnight when we finished we forgot some of the admin

  6. I did add that I legged it back in my post, although next to sams it lacked details so that likely got missed.

    Itll be right, we can all just use the first few turns to learn/remember everything for when things get a little more important for capturing places etc.

    Glad one of us has managed to blog this, the most I have managed is a breif mention in the post I am drafting at the moment for later. haha.

    Also, tut tut mark, cheaty cheaty =P

  7. I wasn't cheating, i was raising the dead.