Sunday, 18 March 2012

The freshly risen

Well, its been a long weekend but I've finally managed to complete the 50 strong Skeleton unit.

Whether I'll ever field a full 50 unit remains to be seen, but it never hurts to be optimistic about Invocation rolls. Other than that I've also recently built a Terrorgheist and Kemmler and Krell.

Although recently assembled, I have used Krell and Kemmler in an intro game I had with Mart and whilst I kept things basic so the intro game flowed, I was happy with how Krell in particular worked. His Heroic Killing blow is going to be useful against Ogres and other Monstrous Infantry Characters and Champions, however the fact that it is restricted to challenges seems somewhat rubbish.

I've just received Vlad and Isabella as late birthday presents but other than those two, there are only 20 Zombies left to assemble of the Vampire Counts models I already own, which is just as well as May isn't that far off and I have a lot of Blood Angels models to assemble for Chris' Spring wargaming weekend.

I just can't get away from those blood suckers!


  1. That be many things, many dead things. They're not so good for dinner after the battle either.

  2. all the more reason to forfeit then!

  3. that dragon rules - first thing in ages that has made me think Id like to nip into GW and spend some cash.

  4. lol. It is a nice model - not sure how it plays, but it looks loveley.

    Once you have painted something other than Warcasters and Warlocks, GW will take you back!

    Yeah, thats right Luke! i'm giving you gip about painting! ;)