Friday, 30 March 2012

Oh Games Workshop, how I hate thee!

Sounds like I'm about to rant about their negatives, doesn't it?

Quite the contrary actually. What I really want is for them to give me a bit more time between releasing the armies I use.

I was going well until the released the Beastmen book at the end of last edition, but as soon as I had completed my new units, the Ogre book was released so I began work on that. Then the Vampire Counts were released so I scambled to get them risen. I'm still awaiting the arrival of some of the units I ordered last month to complete my Kemmler army and now I hear that the Empire are getting re-done, which is awesome, especially seeing some of the new models, but the problem is I keep running just to keep up with army development.

Seriously GW, I've already heard that the Dark Angels are on the way, so if you DARE release Daemons, Wood Elves, Warriors of Chaos or Dwarfs this year, we are going to seriously fall out!!!!


  1. I know what you mean... I am now seriously considering an empire army. I have only painted 1 of my Ogre models and already I am distracted.

    It does amuse me how you are frustrated and them for actually releasing new and exciting stuff.

    I wish they would stop releasing all this, give you a break, and release the 2nd wave of chuffing Necrons already! Then we can both be happy.

  2. Oooh, new Empire. I had no idea it was so soon!

  3. I might just say that i've already heard alot of musing about a new chaos armybook towards the tail end of the year :D

    Good for me mind,

  4. I hate the price of these army books, but I got the ogre book and it is damned nice and may collect the new ones as the come out, just because...

  5. to be honest, yeah they are a bit expensive, but in fairness the quality has improved a fair bit

    and get used to it, its going that way with 40k i should imagine!

  6. after having the book I dont mind the price tbh it really is good quality... and I look forward to 40k books woith as much detail and shit!

  7. And 40k books in hard back please.
    That's one thing about them I really like.