Saturday, 11 February 2012

In absentia mea, ego vigilate te

Well, since my change around on this blog three weeks ago, I've been rather quiet. The reasons for this, simply, are that I don't have enough time! Between work and University, real life and trying to squeeze in some games now and then, I've not had much time left for recreational writing.

That isn't to say that I've not been busy as I have been working on army development! Although it is old news now, the Vampire Counts have had a new book and lots of new miniatures, and as such I have been busy assembling my forces.

It always strikes me as odd that I seem to have sufficient models for a reasonable sized army until the new book arrives, at which point I seem to need to spend weeks assembling basic units all over again, let alone all the new units that get released. However, I am now on my way to a viable force. The goal is to have a Kemmlar army, but to do so shall require a lot of Skeletons, as well as time and funds. Sadly, the Winds of Magic aren't real, and even if they were, I suspect that the Invocation of Nehek wouldn't work on plastic skeletons. So in the meantime the intention is to run a Vampire list including a large unit of Crypt Ghouls to get me used to the army once more and slowly turn it towards the Necromancer list. I have only used the force once since the book came out, and frankly it didn't fare well, though admittedly this was against Ben's own Vampire Counts army. Essentially I lost through a mixture of attrition, terrible luck with magic and a lack of experience, the latter being something that despite it being a force from a new book, I could have mitigated by spending more time using the army when the previous book was in use. Instead I darted from army to army never really giving myself time to become use to it.

So now I have a lot of work ahead to get the army I want assembled, but am eager to get going. In the meantime, however, I shall likely be an irregular poster and may or may not get time to look over your own blogs, but I shall do so eventually!

Take care all.



  1. Always with the 'not enough time' excuse!
    Shames it so real and annoyingly present in most of our lives!

    Glad you have started the army dev on the counts, should be a nice force to play against.

  2. do you want a game this week?