Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Apocalypse How?

I took part in the Apoc game on Saturday down at the club. Turnout was a little disappointing, but we made the most of those that did turn up.

I took the Deathwing and was forced into joining the bad guys! I think that Successionist streak is taking hold! Nothing unusual in the list: three Deathwing squads two of which went in the Land raiders, a ravenwing combat squad with the attack bike, and the old faithful, The Ancient's Assault Force! Damn i love these guys!

i opted to keep everything off board to begin bringing them on in turn two, which took for ever, but was worth the wait. We had to finish at the end of turn 3 but i once again managed to destroy a baneblade! i took another down to 1 structure point! the only other thing of note i acheived was to take out the weapon arms of a Warhound!

I failed to get my stupid camera (!) to take any pictures, so curteousy of Chris (Angryhatter) i present to you some of my lists awesomeness!

1 comment:

  1. THIEF! THIEF!!!! =P
    Your list was nice. Sorry I didn't get more pictures of it.
    We definitely need to arrange another one of these games at some point late this year or early next. Really enjoyed my self, and fully intend to get a bigger list of the ground. Starting with a big drop pod assault and also a strong Ancients Assault force!
    Hopefully have you on the proper side of the board next time haha.