Thursday, 18 August 2011

Two Trolls with some paint on.

well, as promised, I have pictures of some Trolls that I painted!

These were painted as a result of losing to Luke in a challenge, but to be honest, I'm glad - I actually enjoyed painting them!


Now, I don't consider them finished, but for now I'm not going to add any more detail to the Bouncer, mainly because I don't want to spoil them. Essentially I'm at the current limit of my ability, so the plan is to practice more and progress my skill before going back and making improvements.

I think that the next one will have to be one of the Dire Trolls!

oh, and on a final note, Shane, you best watch out. I seem to have a flair for painting cooked ham:


  1. Mmmmm cooked ham!
    Looking good, be nice to see all the details on there once you feel you are in a position to do it. Some times I wish I had left certain models until later to finish up as I wasn't 100% confident at the time. Good call sir!

  2. that Ham looks yummy.

    Also the models are looking great.

    The P3 paints seem to have a really strong pigment and come out with some lovely vibrant colours.

    Well done - you have proved you have a pair as you declared in our bet.

    And you also have two painted Trolls into the bargain... win win!

  3. thanks guys, yeah i'd rather take my time and get it right.

    Am planning on setting about the mauler this weekend. Not sure i'll manage to get to much else by saturday mind