Thursday, 1 September 2011

Training for the Hull vs York event.

I had a test game with Nick last night with the 35 point list that I intend to take to the Hull vs York event this Saturday and I have to admit, Kenny sure has written me a strong list! The best thing about the game however was that Nick taught me a great deal and was a very patient teacher!

I think that I have managed to get a greater understanding of how the units work and when i should be activating them to the best effect. Mind you, one thing that i do need to start remembering is use of Animi! I keep forgetting them in favour of concentrating on Doomie's spells! that’s not necessarily going to lose me games, but can you imagine how filthy Mulg is going to be with Rage on him?!

Using the tier 4 list certainly gives the force a boost - two more inches of deployment mean that I’m not necessarily on the back foot going first and allowing the opponent further on to the board, the free wall means that I can set out my stall for moving up Doomie and entourage and try and stop the enemy from advancing! In addition, beginning the game with 3 fury points on the Krielstone means that I’m up to full power on it after turn one without losing the ability to cast a spell or two (thinking fortune here).

Mulg in himself is a nasty powerhouse! His stats are good in itself other than his speed, which you can get around if he takes a bit of damage. Couple that with his melee attacks and you are almost on to dice or dice plus as long as you hit! see what i mean about adding Rage? if his great stats and weapons weren't enough, he has the ability to make a final attack at the end of his activation if the model that he attacked last is still about and his animus can help combat enemy magic!

I think I got the hang of the Runeshapers a lot more this time, which is good as I’ve ordered another unit already, though I’m still a bit uncertain over how to use the forcelock ability that Janissa grants them. Having now realised that I may be able to use a different special action for each model in the unit (though I still want to check that) it changes the way I would play these guys.

I didn't make the most of the Mauler to be honest, as i hung him back, though he did soak up a fair amount of damage before he died.

Overall, I’m not as nervous about using the list as I was, and I’m looking forward to Saturday, though I have a few walls to build before then!


  1. Hehe Mulg looks awesome - I haven't played against him yet but a model that cool (and large) can't be bad.

  2. i've ordered my own now - he's a nasty beastie - hopefully mine won't take too long to arrive as its on the PP two week list, so fingers crossed!