Saturday, 13 August 2011

Er, shouldn't you be painting?

...well, yes...but...

If I have the choice between painting and assembling a model i'll choose the latter every day! especially since I've been waiting to put together my Dire Troll Bomber for a month!

It is looking slim for me to complete this forfeit with two models, but I shall crack on tomorrow! honest Mr!h


  1. I still maintain that your the fastest painter of all of us. It's not your fault that you decided that your trolls are from the iron skin kriel. And on that basis I thinks the above minitures are some of the best painted minis I have ever seen. lol.

  2. Indeed, your dedication is an inspiration to us all!

    I know what you mean about preferring to assemble than paint but what is the penalty for failing the forfeit? If you aren't careful you could be trying to complete 4 models next month...

  3. i'm not really sure - the painting is supposed to be thhe forfeit.

    i guess its up to luke