Thursday, 8 October 2015

This week in Immoren: Meat's back on the menu boys!

If you read my last post you will know that I have begun work on my Farrow for Warmachine. Initially this was for the Journeyman League but will also be for the Breast Cancer Brawl tournament on Sunday. 

I have set myself the task of painting at least one standard sized legal list for each system and initially this will be an Arkadius Nature of the Beast theme force at 50 points. It obviously includes lots of Warbeasts which means that I will at least be able to field some painted warbeasts in other lists if nothing else!

The sceptics amung you will rightly point out that that is still a lot of models for me to paint, and usually you would be correct. This time however, I am determined and have set myself a routine that I think even I will be able to follow. As the journeyman and the first tournament I will be attending is only 35 points, I'm initially working on that with the idea being to expand the remaining 15 points once the first set is finished. 

As such these are the models I need to paint.

The two painted Gorax are being loaned to me by Luke as my own are being converted by Snooty Fox from Hull's Angels and may not be ready in time, but to be honest if it is just two less of my own models painted on the day, I can live with that as by that stage I'm hoping the incentive to crack on will be enough for me to continue. 

Just to show that it isn't all talk, here is the list as it is now.

Despite their simplicity, they have taken me a while to get done as the Razor Boars were essentially the test models for the scheme and as such I wanted to make sure I not only got the right, but that I would be able to recreate once I moved on to the more elaborate models. 

I had hoped to get the 35 points painted by Sunday, and I'm not sure that will happen now, but I will at least give it a go. 

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