Monday, 12 October 2015

This week in Immoren: Breast Cancer Brawling

Just a quick one today. I went to Leeds Warmachine's Breast Cancer Brawl yesterday along with Ben. I think it is fair to say that we both had a great day.

I think that with two wins out of five games, I didn't do that badly to say that I've only played Minions for a bit over a month, and for the most part I have been playing them in smaller games.

At five games, it was a long day that started with both Ben and I already feeling tired, but in the end it was well worth it. In the order I played, I faced two sets of Merc opponents (Bart then Cognifex Cyphon), a Cygnar player (pCaine), Retribution (Rahn) and finally Menoth Kreoss. I used Arkadius for the first and third game and Helga for the others.

All my games except the last ended with dice down and were determined by points remaining, so at least I must have been doing something right. As for poor Kreoss, it wasn't really his fault that he got killed as he made a valiant attempt at killing Helga and when my Road hog finally pasted the old man, Helga only had one box remaining.

As for the other games, I was well on my way to killing Cyphon and Caine when the call to end was made, and i had taken a reasonable toll on Rahn's forces too, though in the end for all three, it either wasn't enough of a toll, or at too high a cost for my own forces.

That said, I enjoyed playing both lists and learned a lot from the games I had, and I have ideas how to hone and expand from here.

One of the perks that BCB has is that they give out pink versions of the cards for each battlebox to the best in faction. Ben managed to get the Ret one, and although I was technically the second Minion player, I got the Carver card as the other guy got Calaban.

So this was the standings for the event. 

In a convoluted turn of events, because I won my last game, it meant that Dave Wilkinson (who had challenged me to no avail) didn't get the wooden spoon he was wanting. Sorry Dave.

At the latest count, the event raised over £1,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support, so well done to Mark Peyton and Dave Millington!

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