Friday, 25 September 2015

The State of the Nation 2015 - Part 2

So upon review I have realised that I had left out Malifaux from my plans for the year. Far from being intentional I guess it's the issue you face with so many games in various states of activity. As such I thought I would write another post that included Malifaux and then discuss a couple of other things that I've been considering since the last post. 

So Malifaux. 

I've played using Ressurectionists exclusively since I began playing Malifaux after M2e arrived, and while I've not had that many games in total, I feel like I've been using them for ever and getting nowhere. I still love them, I think Malifaux is the closest I've ever gotten to playing an Undead faction the way my imagination thinks they should work, and as such I'm keeping them handy in case I ever want to have a go with them in the next year. After all, they aren't taking up that much space by not being in storage anyway. 

However, as I said I fancy a bit of a change, even if it's just from an assembly and theoryfaux point of view. I had a good long think about it and whilst (typically for me) all the factions had some pull, I narrowed my desires to Guild, Outcasts and Arcanists. I don't have much Guild aside for he Lady J box I bought to use with both Tara and McMourning, and although I'm always happy for new stuff to buy, it would mean a large investment based upon a whim.

I already had a couple of crew starters for both the other two factions. For the Arcanists I had Mei Feng and Ramos and for Outcasts I had Misaki, the Viks and Tara. Although I was confident that the Ten Thunders connection in either faction's available options wasn't likely to cause me a distraction once I started, I couldn't shake the thought that the possibility of Tara would keep me thinking Ressers when I should be thinking Outcasts. 

In the end the release of the Ironsides crew was really what swung it. I loved the artwork and when I saw the miniatures I liked them even more. Except Mouse. Still not sure on Mouse. 

So that was my decision made. In truth, this thought process began in January and continued through to last week. It also links nicely with an idea that started ( ) whereby I had intended to create an ongoing narrative for a single model. I may amend the details somewhat, but still plan to continue with this. 

Having now assembled the Ironsides crew I think that will be the one I start with. I've had a few chats about her with my friend Dave, and while I am taking his advice on board, I think at least at first I need to play the box more or less as is. 

As such I'm hoping to fit in a few more games this year, and had I been a bit more experienced by now I would have loved to have taken part in the Wyrd worldwide campaign.

Painting. We know I hate it, we know I avoid it at all costs. Some know it's because of a viscous cycle I feel I'm in of not good enough a painter, need practice, don't want to ruin models so don't paint, rinse, repeat. 

However I also hate unpainted models. Even I struggle to identify which is which when they are white metal silver or plastic grey, and I'm far more used to them than even a regular opponent is. As such I think enough is enough and I want to try and put in a concerted effort to get some paint on the models of every game I play (that doesn't already feature pre painted miniatures).

I'm realistic about this, it's going to take time, especially for me. For this reason I'm going to do this in sections. As per the last post I'm playing five games that need forces painting and all vary in size and detail. First things first I'm going to set myself a year to achieve this and then review it. I don't expect to get through five games worth of forces by then either, especially since in all of those I have multiple factions. 

Therefore the intention is to choose one faction from each game to paint. From there paint one legal force at a point level (or equivalent terminology) equal to that game's standard/tournament standard. So for example, Warmachine and Hordes would be 50 points, Infinity is 300 points, Malifaux is 50 Soul Stones and Batman is 300 rep (which may become 350 once I'm more used to the game). Guild Ball is a little trickier in terms of what size to go for, but only a bit. Technically I could just paint six models, but I think I will opt to make it eight minimum for tournament purpose, especially as at the moment it's likely I will paint either the Alchemists or the Butchers, both of which have been started. I think it is important to not 'lock in' a set list at the beginning of the project and allow for adjustments and refinements as well as new additions, after all this is about getting a minimum level painted, not following a strict regime. If at the end of each project I have more painted than intended, then great, but not to the detriment of the overall goal of getting paint on all games' forces.

Despite the talk of Malifaux earlier on it will likely be Warmachine that I begin with. As I said last time I am taking part in a Journeyman League and a tournament not long after and so although painting the next batch Trolls may seemed logical, it will be the Farrow up first. With an Arkadius list I have the benefit of very few rank and file troops to paint, so hopefully that will speed up the process. 

I will give each project its own series of posts, if only to try and show myself some progress, and in them chart how I'm finding the project. 

The last thing I want to talk about is my writing, and I want some genuine feedback on this. I do enjoy writing, and so want to do more of it. Moreover I have always enjoyed linking it up with gaming. As such some of my posts have included writing I have done or an 'intro' in the form of a story. Do you guys like this? Do you want more or less of it? Have you got any thoughts on the style I use? 

Basically I can show as much of my gaming related writing to my family, my tutors and fellow students as I like, and whilst they may be able to comment on the technique or the theme etc, to them it is out of context. Furthermore I often have to amend what I write for that audience so it doesn't seem as strange to the muggles. So with this in mind I may post bits up from time to time if of interest. 

Thanks for reading!

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