Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Malifaux Journal: Forging the narrative

No narrative introduction today, partly because this is a longer post, partly because as of yet, the narrative hasn't quite been decided upon.

To tie in with ToMB, as mentioned in my previous post I intend to follow Joel Henry's lead and chart the on table/off table story arc of one of my models. Essentially, my Gunsmith will fulfil this roll, and I intend to take this model type in as many games as I am able.

The model I have is that of a female Gunsmith, however it will not necessarily be a female that I end up with. Having read the Through The Breach Fated Almanac, I love the idea of having certain aspects of my character's background determined by Fate. It seemed strange to me when I first read it, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of it. After all, I had no say in my family's background when I was born, nor did I have any control over my gender. 

I therefore shall use a modified version of the Malifaux Tarot to generate my character details. Some of the Tarot relates to skills that the Through The Breach character might have, which as I am simply using a pre-set Malifaux Gunsmith, these skills will be redundant. As such I shall use the following details to determine my character's background. 

Centre: Station (as normal). This determines the birth station, or family trade.
West: Gender. A red card will medicate female, black will indicate male.
North: Age to the decade. Low will indicate 20s, Moderate 30s, Severe 40s. Re flip Jokers
East: Age to the year. This can push the character over the decade threshold. Re flip Jokers
South: Wealth. Low is poor, Moderate is comfortable, Severe is wealthy.

I will also keep a note of the accompanying phrases to somehow weave in to the developing story. 

And with that folks, it's on to character generation. I am writing this as I generate results, so at this time, I have no idea what will happen.

For each result of the Tarot, I shall include a photo of the ongoing result and explain the meaning that has been generated.

The fate deck all ready to go. Drumroll please!

The Station card: 

2 of Crows! Typically Malifaux-esque, this makes my character an orphan.

The Western card: 

10 of Masks, a Red card! Congratulations! It's a girl!

The Northern card: 

8 of Masks! Our girl is in her 30s. For now.

The Eastern card: 

2 of Masks! 32 it is!

The Southern card: 

7 of Tomes, re flipped from Black Joker! She has a bit of scrip, not enough to retire on. I think thattheBlack Joker here means she has to have acheived that from nothing, which seems apt for an orphan.

So that's it. A background is formed! With all those masks, I'm sure the Neverborn have a hand in her future, or her past, so that gives some rich development to use at some point. I shall tie a few bits together and present a fuller introduction some time soon.

Finally, here's her destiny.

Until next time!


  1. I have no idea what all this means, but it makes for good reading.

  2. I'll get you playing at some point and it'll make more sense.