Monday, 26 January 2015

Malifaux Journal: Entering the Tomb

It was almost blinding. I had been travelling for hours but knew that if I did not continue through this hell, I may not survive long enough to see its end. I had been sent to make a statement, and nothing would make that statement quite like arriving through a sandstorm. My papers directed me to an isolated mine that was down on it's quota. For no discernable reason, it had not been pulling its weight. Several times it had been given another chance, but each time it fell short. Well, this time I would be there to get the answers, to get the results. This time, the mine would achieve its goals, or with the full backing of the M&SU, I would bring about a reckoning. 

I have decided that this year I want to push on with Malifaux. I've played Ressers for a year now and I have enjoyed doing so. I do want to continue with them, however I want to branch out a little more, and after some thought that will be explained later, I have decided to start using Arcanists as well.

Two blog posts have caught my eye recently. The first one is on Joel Henry's blog, The Philosophy of Uncertainty. His post from January 12th can be found here, but in summary he intends to take a Ronin in all his games and document her progress in games and beyond. I have decided to do something similar, but will go in to further details in another post. The second was a post by Ben Sime on the Malibros blog. The post, dated January 26th can be found here and is basically an invitation to take part in ToMB2, a Tale of Bloggers system for Malifaux. I have taken part in these before in other systems, and frankly haven't kept to it. I have been lucky so far with the tournaments that I have attended as they haven't had a paiting requirement, however there are a few events that I would like to go to, but need some paint on my models. with this in mind, I intend to combine the ideas from Joel's and Ben's blog and see how I get on.

And so, to begin with, in accordance with the rules, I begin with £40 with which to purchase models.

As stated above, I intend to choose Arcanists for this project. Primarily Mei Feng, I may expand beyond her in time, but as with when I started with Ressers, I imagine that I will use her for some time to come in order to get used to her style of play, and also to ease in to the faction as a whole. These are my starting models for Month One.

Starting amount  £40.00
Rail Crew box -£19.20
Metal Gamin Box -£11.20
Female Gunsmith -£  5.10
 Balance £  4.50

In the interest of disclosure, I have already assembled all the models from the Rail Crew box, and as the Gunsmith is single peice, I guess her too. I've had all the models for some time. The Gunsmith was purchased from Element Games and the Metal Gamin were from The Outpost. I cannot find where I purchased the Rail Crew from as it doesn't show on my order history from any of the stores I've previously purchased and with this in mind, I have opted to take the price from The Outpost as a) it is cheaper than most others and b) I likely cannot find a record of my purchase because I bought it in store.

And so, with decision made, I now need to keep up the enthusiasm I currently feel towards getting these models painted. It's only ten models in a little over a month, so theoretically I should be able to manage that?


  1. Good luck with the painting! I will be watching your progress with interest.

  2. Thanks Nick. Just trying to find a good guide for Asian skin tones at the moment.


    Any good to you?

  4. I've read that one before, but I can't seem to find the paints that it relates to.
    Shall take another look mind.