Friday, 6 February 2015

Malifaux Journal: Kirai on (sorry)

I have completed the tasks set for me by my new master, and now I am free to persue my own goals, until I am required once more at least. My Master is a strange creature. Where others demand perfection in the completion of their goals, She contents herself merely that the tasks are done, regardless of their success. Perhaps a grander, as yet unseen scheme is at work and I must ask myself, what part shall I play in it, and will I even understand that part until all the parts are in place?

I'm fresh back from Vappafaux and once again I had a cracking time. I'd like to say that I thought it was a very well run event, especially considering that really it was two events in one, so we'll done to Chris Holloway on that score.

Thank you also to my opponents. I know that my play is a little slow as I'm still relatively new (I'm no longer saying really new), but you were all very gracious about it as well as helpful. Those opponents were in order played Ant Hoult, Matt Spooner and my fast becoming regular tournament opponent Dave Wilkinson.

So yeah, game one and I faced the UK master. I'm not going to go in to full details with this as I won't do my opponents justice, however I will give a bit of info.

Obviously I had opted for Ressers for Vappa, but I was very conscious that I have only used Seamus in previous events and I was determined to try a different master. It was a bit of a gamble as I had only tried her once before, however against Ant Hoult there was no chance at all that I was going to win. Now, I couldn't remember what faction Ant actually played, however I was soon to find out: Ressers. And he was using Kirai!

So in my first game not only was I using the same faction as the UK Master, but it was a mirror match. My exact words were "Crap. Ok then, show me how to use Kirai."

He did. And after, he re-wrote my list for me and loaned me two Night Terrors. And that's a reason why I love the Malifaux community: he could have just let me get on with it, but having never met me, he helped with my list and also loaned me the models I needed to field it! What a top chap!

This game ended 7-4 to Ant, though it may have been a different story had it gone on longer.

At this point we were on lunch and I had a look around the convention. It was nice to see that it had plenty of attendees. The downside was that there wasn't any Malifaux to purchase which I found odd given the high numbers of players.

Game two in the afternoon and it was against Matt Spooner (@Uberspoons on Twitter). We were chatting at the beginning of the game and realised we were both using the Retro deck. I mentioned that I was on the look out for the old style decks and at that he gave me one of his which I thought was really good of him. So Matt, I owe you a drink.

He was using a Lady J crew and I stuck to Kirai. This was a really low scoring game, partly again due to my slower play, though I think I was a little quicker. I liked the idea of Headhunter in this game as it felt a lot more achievable than Reckoning, even though between the two of us only one point was scored.

I really got to see the use of a Guild Austringer in this game as Matt's three points came from Deliver orders to Lady J to push and drop a scheme marker that Matt then used pull off max points on Plant Explosives due to my clustered forces. 

Despite its low score, a win to Matt also helped to keep him from earning the Tractor in this event which is a badge of dishonour in his group, The Tractor Massive.

Game three and I drew Dave! I'd played him at Cojo Dojo, my first event last year and had enjoyed the game then, so looked forward to this one. I stuck with Kirai as I was starting to get the hang of her. Dave opted for Yan Lo (Ten Thunders, as despite having two Resser crews, he pretends to hate them).

Dave maintains that our Outpost game was quite close. I don't remember it being so, I think he is just being nice. This game wasn't that close. It was, I think my quickest though. Dave took Yan Lo, a master I'm quite familiar with as Ben uses him so much, but  that still didn't make me confident. I did manage to sneak all three points for Protect Territory and a hasty decision with Plant Explosives meant I only got a single point. Meanwhile Dave managed to consistently gain points for Stake a claim no matter how hard I tried to score on the Strategy, but he also scored two for Bodyguard and max points for Protect Territory giving him an 8-4 win at the end of turn 4.

So three more tournament games under my belt, and whilst im still chasing that elusive win, im still enjoying myself and also the community feeling of the game. It is strange to think that my tournament games represent over fifty percent of my total games payed, but I still think I'm getting better with each one. I also stuck to my aim of not resorting to Seamus, which may have been a mistake, but I think it was more important to get used to someone else.

So next up, its time to get on with the Arcanists. I've so far aoided painting, but I cannot put it off forever.

And so, until next time.

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