Sunday, 13 April 2014

This week in Immoren: Ever onwards

After a couple of weeks off following the recent tournament, I'm back to thinking about Warmachine again. I had intended to look at a new faction after Fresh Starts, be that the Convergence or Circle, however, it seems I cannot shake off the Trollbloods. 

For starters, I've a Journeyman league weekend with Ben, Sam and a few other of the Driffield lads to prepare for at the end of April and I'm probably going to use the alternate battlegroup led by Doomshaper. However I think I will be best prepping Madrak's group too. 

Furthermore, I had decided before the tournament that I would paint the Trollbloods in blocks of Caster, at least two warbeats, at least one solo and one unit. So far, for Grissel I have painted all but the unit. However, following the aforementioned recharge, I'm ready to begin work on the Warders and if I am to paint the battlegroups for Doomshaper and Madrak too, then I've a lot of work to do.

Since they are currently the 'must have' Trollbloods unit, it seems fitting to paint them as my first unit. That and they number seven models less than the other 'must have' unit, the Fennblades. The two units will be the cornerstone of most of my lists, so I cannot put the Fennblades off forever, but to kick things off I think a lower model count would be wise in order to get some painted boots on the ground. Not that this means that I am trying to get out of painting however; as a kind of consolation I am painting some of the Privateer Press objective markers. 

Speaking of painting things other than just the models I need, since I no longer rely solely upon others to game, and am now known to host the odd game here and there, it seems appropriate to increase the quality of my gaming facilities. I have the GW gaming mat now, but so far have no painted terrain. I figure that I should include scenery within my painting blocks with a view to enhancing the experience. The GW trees are fine for Warmachine and Hordes as well as Malifaux so that is the obvious next step, but beyond that I'm not sure where to go. I've looked in to the Galeforce 9 Battlefield in a box range, but since they seem to be splash releases it seems nigh on impossible to find some of the older stock, and typically those are the ones I like. 

Now, here's a further complication: I need to have scenery compatible with both Warmachine and Malifaux, which isn't impossible to be honest but there are key differences in style particularly with structures. There are plenty of options out there for prefab Malifaux buildings, but Warmachine is a little more on the fantastical side so I think I'm going to need to make those. If anyone has any suggestions, give me a shout.

For now though, I've plenty of natural scenery to work with. 

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