Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Malifaux Journal: Among the dead things.

It has been some time coming, but I am finally beginning to progress my own schemes. It is not as I expected as I have made pacts with the dead to achieve what little gains I have so far made. I fear our fates shall be entwined for some time yet. So be it.

Yesterday I finally managed to play my first game in M2e against Sam, and it was worth the wait. Sort of, I'd much rather have not waited and be further on, but you get my point. 

We played 35 soul stones with Sam using the Sonnia Criid crew box and I used the Seamus crew box. I'm not sure what upgrades he used, but I took Bag o' Tools, Mad Haberdashery and Red Chapel Killer for Seamus and for Madame Sybelle I went for Bleeding Tongue and Decaying Aura. 

The Strategy was Turf war with standard deployment. 
And the schemes were:
A line in the sand
Deliver a message
Take prisoner

As it was both our first game, it was possibly just as well it was such a straightforward strategy and deployment. As for schemes, we both opted for A line in the sand, though I chose Deliver a message and Sam opted for assassinate. With hindsight, I misunderstood what I needed to do with Deliver a message and could have gained 3 points about three times during the game as I thought I had to have a qualifying model engaged at the end of the encounter to gain the points. I shall be better prepared next time. 

The encounter itself was bloody. I took out a couple of the Witchling Stalkers nice and early giving me the upper hand for dropping scheme markers, but Sam managed to whittle my crew down too, and at the end of the encounter I had two belles (one that had been summoned) and Sam had only Sonnia. Now, had I read Deliver a message a little better, I would have delivered that message then killed that fiery lass as she wreaked havoc on my forces. 

In the end, if I understood the scoring system correctly, Sam and I drew 7 a piece. But there are a couple of things that I need to check:
  • Is there a minimum distance between scheme markers?
  • In turf war, can both players score points simultaneously or does the presence of an enemy model within 6" preclude you from scoring VPs?
Other than that, I cannot think of much that seemed unclear to us, or that I have since found an answer to, so I'm pretty pleased with the start. 

I think I'm going to stick with Ressers for a while until I get used to the game a bit more, so I now just need a few more games and perhaps a couple of new models, not least another box of belles as I underestimated the amount I would need. 

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