Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Malifaux Journal: Settling In

It seems like years since I arrived in Malifaux, but I have no idea how much time has really passed. I have spent time trying to get to know my surroundings, impossible though that is. 

I have been approached by numerous different parties seemingly vying for my attention. For now I am drawn to two, as their agendas best suit my own, and yet both are in opposition of each other. I can not put off my decision for long, but will I regret my choice?

I've had to put Malifaux on the back burner for a while recently in order to concentrate on the Warmahordes tournament that I may have mentioned once or twice. However, now that the tournament is done and dusted I can focus on more laid back gaming, one of which is definately to get on with starting Malifaux. 

I've fallen in love with the setting, the background and the models for this game, all without having even played it in its current edition. I've even got a 1st for an assignment I wrote based in Malifaux (I'm doing a creative writing degree). 

Now, I've gone a little crazy when it comes to the new plastics and I have eight crew boxes already. There are many crews that appeal to me, not just specific factions, and so I've just bought what I like (mainly due to some serious reinvestment from Games Workshop products). Currently the two I'm really drawn to are The Viks and Pandora crews. 

Now, The Viks are apparently a very good, user friendly starter crew so on the one hand they are obviously a good choice and I do like the idea of them so it is a crew I'm more than happy to use, however, I do very much like the Pandora crew. 

According to Pull my Finger, which is the Malifaux wiki, not only are The Viks on the 'good for beginners list', but Pandora is on the 'not good for beginners' list. So I've got some thinking to do before I finally get gaming in a week or two. Both crews are assembled and are ready to use, however I do want to at least have the painting in progress with them and that's where the Pandora crews has the edge. The nature of the Woes and the Poltergeist mean that I can make quick progress with the crew without rushing them. They do need to fit around my Warmahordes painting as well, so having a quick to paint option means that I can perhaps paint the Pandora crew and a few Trollbloods simultaneous. 

However, having a painted crew is all well and good, but if I struggle to use it because I'm struggling with the playstyles, is it worth it?

So, I think the key may be to use the unpainted Viks whilst I get the Pandora crew painted, then once I've got a few games under my belt and have a better understanding of how to play the game, then perhaps I can switch.

Any thoughts are welcome. 


  1. Hi,

    I started with Pandora purely because of Teddy and regretted it. It's not impossible to use, can be a lot of fun, but I agree with pull my finger that it is not a beginner friendly crew. I'd reccommend the Viks. Also, if you find that you actually like something else better, most of the box is mercenary so you can take it with someone else.

    I don't agree with your Warmahordes reasoning. Surely it would be better to paint something different so it stays fresh and exciting?

    Just my thoughts

    1. Only just seen this, sorry.

      I'm an incredibly slow and reluctant painter, and I was going to my first tournament. I didn't want to go with an entirely unpainted force, so I had to keep slogging through.

      Regards crew choice, I've actually settled upon Ressers now.