Friday, 14 March 2014

This week in Immoren: Fresh started and finished.

Fresh Starts has now been and gone and I had a great time! It wasn't quite the beginners tournament I thought it would be, but it was a nice introduction nonetheless. 

There were four rounds altogether each using a different mission from the Steamroller 2014 rule pack. The missions were Incursion, Process of elimination, Balance of power, Close quarters. 

Here are the lists I used:

I won the first game on scenario, but after that I only scored one CP for the rest of the Tournament. My second victory coming through caster kill on eGorshade. Of the two games I lost, the first was against Mitch Harrison's beautifully painted Skorne army I lost this on caster kill to eDoomie, though I was loosing on scenario too. Doomie was always the weak list and I knew I'd have to drop it at some point, so knowing that the two light Warbeasts in Grissel's list wouldn't even make a scratch in a Mammoth I thought this would be the best time to give him and his boys a run out. The last game of the day saw me face Maria Wieland's Neo Punk Retribution. Thankfully although one of her lists included an Hyperion, she chose to use her Adeptis Rahn Battle Mage list. I was on the back foot for most of this game as her Battle Mages kept pushing my forces out of the zone so that she could keep scoring. In the end the game ended with dice down, and Maria won on  CPs to nil. Had I had a couple more minutes, I would have had a great shot at caster kill, probably with Grissel herself, however it was not to be, and to be fair if I hadn't managed to get that caster kill that turn, I would have lost 5-0 anyway. 

So it was a great, if long, day and one I look forward to doing again. In the end I finished tenth, and given the calibre of some of the top ten, I'm very happy. 

So then, what's all the fuss been about? What have I actually painted? Well, here they are, Grissel's battlegroup:

I'm pretty pleased with these for a first go, and plan to continue with the Warders very soon. 

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