Thursday, 16 January 2014

This week in Immoren: Brush in hand part 1

So far this year I have already exceeded my total number of models painted in 2013. So far this year I have painted one model. However, seven modelsdo have paint on them and are works in progress. 

In the last couple of posts I've been discussing tactics and lists that I'm using for the Fresh Starts tournament at The Outpost in March. I've not yet progressed much beyond where I was after writing the last post as I've had a fair amount of work to do for University, but I have at least began the painting. In previous years going to GW tournaments, with this much time before the tournament I wouldn't have even thought about picking up a brush yet. Maybe because more models are involved, maybe because my heart wasn't in it, maybe because GW was telling me that to attend, I must have a fully painted army and I don't respond well to authority. 

This time however, getting on with the painting just feels right. In total, I have 69 points and two Warlocks to paint. As I write this, I have 9 points with paint on, so although there is a long way left to go, I am making a start. 

So, the models themselves. So far I've finished the Feralgeist (aside from the base, which I plan to do for all the models in one go to get a coherent colour) and made a start on the Whelps and Grissel's skin. I've also got about two thirds through the Slag Troll. 

The idea here was to give the model an ethereal quality to it, though I wasn't that keen on the traditional green. As such I followed the painting guide for the glow effect from the Convergence of Cyriss book. Obviously it also tied it in with the Trollbloods a bit more. I've been thinking of giving it some sort of silver wash but I'm not sure how well that would work. 

I've taken the same approach to Grissel's skin and that of the whelps: simply using the Trollblood skin guide in Primal. I like the colour, so I'm not going to faff about. Grissel is going to be a slow burner. I'm not rushing her, and plan to build her up with colour a bit at a time. I shall take the same approach with Doomie. I decided that the whelps would just use the generic skin colour. I'm not really planning to go down the route of one colour for each, as normally I may well be using them as parts from the Mountain King. 

Two reasons for this model being traditional skin coloured. 1) I like it. Seriously guys, read above! 2) I've no idea how the Privateer Press colour scheme goes. I can't find a painting guide anywhere. Oh well, I quite like it, plus it will legitmimise the Pyre Troll when I finally paint that.

So that's it so far, but I'm still going! Next up once I've finished the whelps and the Slag Troll will be the none character solos: Runebearer, Chronicler and Fell Caller. 

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