Wednesday, 1 January 2014

This week in Immoren: Fresh year, Fresh lists, Fresh Starts

This week I've managed to test out my Borka list against Dave's pSorscha list. Consequently I'm now going for a beast heavy Doomie2 list. 

Basically the game exposed the flaws in the Borka list, then Dave talked me through how I could improve it if I did want to keep it. However, it became apparent that whilst it was a fine list for a regular friendly game, it just wasn't going to do what I thought it would do. I do at least have a clearer understanding of how cavalry works now. 

Between us, we have written an Epic Doomshaper list which should pack a punch and more importantly I am a little more sure that I know how to use. I have also adjusted the Grissel2 list a little so as to make the most of a few tricks I hadn't previously spotted. 

And so, the main task now is to begin painting. For the most part the following photo represents what I need to get painted. 

The intention is to get at least one list fully painted by March, though if I can muster my enthusiasm properly I shall try for both. There are a few crossovers in both lists so I'm hoping that will help. But we all know what I'm like, so I could do with the encouragement as well as any hints, tips, cheats and criticism that you guys can provide. 


  1. That's a lot of painting m8, good luck with that

  2. You can doooo eeeet!

    Seriously though, if you want painted to a tabletop standard then I strongly recommend using Army Painter dip-but applying with a brush and not actually "dipping". Of course, if you are going for "best painted" then that's a different story :)

  3. I think best painted is a long shot, but it am going to try my best. I'm thinking i may have a few painting days with Ben and Sam. Currently green stuffing.