Sunday, 27 October 2013

Malifaux Journal: Passing through the Breach

Malifaux. For years others have spoken its name. Some with reverence, others with dread. It is a place of riches and reward beyond measure. A place to make a name or to leave one behind. Though, in Malifaux, you can loose far more than your money, or even your life. Until now I have shied away from this place. I have stuck with that which I know, but recently Malifaux has seen change, a shift in Fate. It has called to me like the song of the siren beckoning me to its embrace. I have resisted so long and for what? What have I to fear?

And so, on this eve of change, I have taken the first steps on my journey. I have passed through The Breach. I have entered Malifaux.

Having spoken a few times this year about starting Malifaux, now that M2e has officially landed I have begun in earnest. I had originally bought Colette's crew from M1e, however they are still undergoing Beta testing as Wyrd had split up the various crews into two waves and as such, not only are the rules for her core crew not finalised, they are changing significantly week to week. I also gather it takes a great deal of finesse to use her so learning to play with a trickier crew may not be the best idea. 

As such I had considered using the Perdita crew I got on the cheap, but they aren't grabbing me at the moment. However, thanks to some eBay wins, I've ordered a handful of crews that caught my eye. A little premature maybe, but I've no other gaming needs at the moment.  

As such I've already got the Dark Debts Jacob Lynch crew, Beckoners and Mr Tannen. I liked the idea of a desperate hustler caught between two powers he had no hope of keeping happy. The aesthetics of the models are also very nice. 

I've already assembled most, 

though I've not yet put them on bases as the models themselves are a little tricky to get to the nooks and crannies when based, so I fear I may end up having to paint them first. Blu Tak may stave this off for a while.  

I've taken a shine to the Ten Thunders, so I've also ordered The Rail Crew box set, and with Mei Feng's ties to the Arcanists, she will link in nicely with Colette eventually, though I'm more likely to use most of the models in connection with the M&SU in time. 

One of the M2e boxes I've liked the idea of the most is The Viktorias, and so I have pre ordered those. 

The models are lovely and the idea of a group of mercenaries really appeals. Couple that with twins that hide a secret, and I was hooked. 

Unlike Warmachine and Hordes, rather than stick to factions, I've decided to take an 'if I like it, I'll get it' approach which is why I've splashed out a bit. I think for now I shall hold fired on further purchases, but I'm fighting the urge to get the Redchapel crew, and if I find it at a realistic price, the Tara crew. 

So that's what I've been up to lately. Not much gaming, but a bit of prep work and a bit more spending. 

Until next time, May fate favour you. 

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