Monday, 2 July 2012

GNAAAAH! Where's my new rulebook?!

Well, frustratingly I am still awaiting the 6th edition rules to arrive, so whilst you lot (who for the most part ordered their copy at least 8 hours after I did) have been enjoying your new book, I have been trying to occupy myself in between ranting on twitter in impotent rage.

So what have I been doing? Well, I've already honed my KoB Naval and Armoured lists as much as I can without further gaming, so that was out. So instead I have now done the same with my hordes lists:

I've written a 35 point list for Jarl Skuld, Borka Kegslayer, p&eDoomshaper, the same at 50 points and a 100 point two 'Lock list for all combinations of these casters. So that was me sorted until about 3pm yesterday.

I've watched Red Riding Hood, Sucker Punch, all the Resident Evil movies currently on DVD and the same episode of Revenge twice. My Ogre Kingdoms army has been written at 2400 points AND packed away. The Vampire Counts list has been written, printed, packed and placed in my car. I've dragged the Warriors of Chaos to the top of my warchest (yes, I have a chest that I store my miniatures in. It's a 16th century chest so I suspect that wasn't what the carpenter had in mind).

Eventually it occurred to me that sooner or later I'm going to have to focus on a doubles army as currently the plan is to go to the december event. It seems likely that whomever I partner, I shall be paired with Ogre Kingdoms. With this in mind, I began to look at which factions a) I would like to play and b) which army would work well alongside the Ogres.

As a backup, there is obviously the aforementioned Warriors of Chaos. I know them well enough to pick up and play, though I would prefer not to use them.

Beastmen I struggle to work in a form I like (I'd rather not go doombull/ungor spam) and Dwarfs I think would be fun, but I can't ever really summon enough enthusiasm for.

To be fair, It's been the Empire that I've wanted to get to grips with for quite some time and with the doubles force being 1000 points it will give me a solid start to my army.

As said, as I'm expecting Ogres as an ally, The Empire shall add some much needed numbers and with that in mind the first port of call (which it would be anyway) was a nice solid 40 strong halberdier unit with a 20 strong swordsmen detachment. To keep them steady and hitting correctly a captain (with a standard in all likelyhood) and a Warrior Priest shall lead the force. From there I'm still undecided. Initially my thoughts are to supplement my combat block with a few missile units, beginning with Outriders. My thoughts here are that I won't expect them to survive long, but whilst they do, to try and disrupt the enemies initail moves and perhaps whittle some numbers to boot. From there the Empire wouldn't be the Empire without some artillery, so next thoughts are either a Hellstorm or a Hellblaster. There is obviously a Cannon, but the Ogres can bring that, and can do it better to boot. The mortar is a bit here and there for me and the way I see it, if you want templates, go for the rocket.

That leaves about enough space for a cheap Lord or Celestial Hurricanum, which I must say will add to the complimentary magic aspects of the force and may also disrupt the enemy a little.

So thats the initial thoughts on the Empire and what I've been doing to avoid insanity over the weekend. Perhaps next time I write on here I shall be able to speak about 40k properly.


  1. Im still waiting 8( oh wait just recieved an e-mail stating its just been despatched, wtf great now I have to wait another day THANKS GW

  2. You see as much as the Hull shop needs to be avoided, I would still have had it sent there just to get it on time.
    Luckily the Bradford store is alright.

    As for what you could have been doing, whilst what you have done has proven productive, you could have got some painting done :P.

    Really ought to paint up my Ogres at some point...can't go with out doing that. Could do with finding out 100% who I am teaming up with so I can plan a list and make sure that that is the first stuff to be painted.

  3. Im still waiting I ordered mine on weds.. I rang them as my order still says processing.. it has been dispatched apparently...

    Tho they dispatched my fricken novelty tape measure i ordered on Sat. I smell a fish, and a big one at that.

  4. at this rate we could all be teaming up with Ogres.... Sam's out for this one, though we have possibilities in Luke and Mark; though there may be faction issues there too.