Saturday, 14 July 2012

Choosing between the pair I play with.

I've given a lot of attention lately to the new kid on the block, but it isn't just 40k that I play. One of my favourite games is Hordes/Warmachine, and as many of you know I play Trollbloods and in September I intend to take part in the Hull's Angel's Hordes/Warmachine tournement with them, so now I need to decide upon a list, and primarily upon a Warlock.

Now I'm not the greatest player, I've taken my time to get to grips with the system, and in many ways I still am, but I do enjoy the challenge. I've tried out a few of the different Warlocks in the last year and a half, starting with pDoomie (technically pMadrak, but I only had one intro game with him) and whilst I struggled to use him, I think in part that was because of the models I had at the time. I do intend to go back to him eventually, however for now he is travelling Western Immoren grumbling about the new fangled technology that the younger ones are using and how they should concentrate more on killing humans.

After Doomshaper I had a brief attempt with Grissel. Again I didn't have the best troops to make her work properly, but then I stumbled upon Borka (yes there is a kind of pun there).

I enjoy Borka, he's a blunt instrument with a couple of hidden tricks with the right backup. He's got a nice background too, so that helps and I enjoy the randomness he adds when he has a drink. I also enjoy the kind of list that he works with. Rok is probably my favourite Warbeast: what's not to love about a giant snow dwelling Dire Troll that goes crazy at the drop of a hat? I do tend to run him a bit beast heavy with a Mauler and a Winter Troll, so there is the potential to frenzy, but the hope is that won't hinder them too much anyway. I think however I may swap the Mauler for an Axer and see how that fares.

On the other hand, Jarl too has a nice background: the lone highwayman, distrusted and distrustful of even his own kin, the incursion upon his home has forced him to cooperate with the other kriels. Jarl himself plays in a direct manner that Jarl does, however his style is range although he can cope with combat to an extent. He also allows me to field the Impaler which is something that I don't tend to do any more as his Animus can really boost Jarl's pistols making them 16" range. Add to that Magic Bullet and Jarl is a real threat from turn 1! Although I tend to have three beasts in every list, with Jarl I go for two lights rather than two Dires like with Borka. At present I'm using a slag troll to help with Warjacks, though I suspect I'll favour the Storm Troll when he arrives. After that, for the Dire Troll, I've gone back to the Bomber. Again with the Impaler animus it increases his threat range and his ability to throw two bombs a turn can really help thin some numbers against single wound infantry.

The infantry for both lists revolve around the same unit: max Fennblades with the UA. A very solid unit and the models are lovely. After that, for Borka the list is in flux. I'm needing the tuffalos but i think they shall have to wait, consequently I find myself again compromising with what I take.

On the flip side, Jarl's list is more complete. The recent arrival of the min Scattergunner and their UA have really helped and on top of this I do love using the Pyg Burrowers. Janissa is going to make an appearence soon in an attempt to a) add a second magical attack and b) add the ability to throw down a wall if needed. A runebearer will probably be included to make the most of Jarl's fury and a Stone Scribe Chronicler to assist the Fennblades which leaves me 5 points. Initially this is being taken by Scouts, so I shall see how these go.

I think that by virtue of the required models and perhaps a slight edge on the fbackground (currently) It's going to be Jarl that I focus on, though don't tell Borka, he may try and punch me.


  1. Keeping the enemy at range seems the best way to protect your warcaster. If jarl is able to hurt things at range then thats gotta be an easier solution for you, Tournie settings bring out some nasty lists m8, my first WM tournie I lost my caster by turn two because of shooting and magic. On the other hand cant fault you for collecting Trolls when you get to play with models that look this sick

  2. Yeah the model is nice! though the community is already whinging about his stats!

    The good thing about Borka is that he can handle a bit of rough and tumble, though yeah, it is a bit risky as he doesn't have any offensive spells, so you must either use him to support with spells like Iron Flesh or Mosh Pit or get stuck in and hit things with Trauma!

  3. I am harbouring a dislike for Jarl already having been on the recieving end of his pistols twice now.
    I've not seen you play Borka though so I can't comment on him. All you can do is play with the one you're most comfortable with or do as I do and go into it with a character you have no clue about ;)

  4. that's kind of fitting for Jarl really. Piss off the local big boys then scarper.

    But that's Khador though, Menoth may be different.