Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Post Christmas spread

Greetings all! Hope you all had a good holiday of choice and if you are from a present receiving denomination that you got all you hoped for. I for one have had a good Christmas, and whilst gaming related presents were low in numbers, I got a few bits I wanted for my Trollbloods, which I am very happy with!

Now, in my last entry I spoke about my decision whether to use Vampires or Beastmen for my alternate WFB army, and as I'm sure most of you have seen by now, the new Vampire Counts book and a range of delicious new miniatures are being released mid January. Obviously this has swung the balance in their favour ousting the Beastmen from the running, and now means that I have dug (get it?) out some of my VC models, which still require assembly.

For now I am holding off making decisions on which of the new units to purchase. I mentioned in my last post my Necrarch Vampire, Abdemanechus. I love the idea of him, but it seems that inevitably GW are focussing on the von Carsteins, which I have also always been drawn to, so for now I think it prudent to see what the book entails and decide from there!

In terms of the Ogre Kingdoms, I began assembling the Stonehorn/Thundertusk last night and it is currently at the point where the generic pieces are now fully assembled and the next step is to begin assembly as one of the variants. Trouble is, at the moment I'm struggling to decide on which one - whilst I like the look and idea of the Thundertusk, I can't help but love the Stonehorn too, and so am torn. I've asked the Whyf and she prefers the Thundertusk, but who knows which one I shall ultimately make, at least first as I've already decided that I'll definitely be getting a second kit!!!

The Dark Eldar have hit a lull at the moment: I'm still waiting for a couple of the models for our initial list to arrive so that they can be assembled, and due to the break, I've had no time whatsoever to even pretend that I'm going to paint them, but time draws onward and sooner or later I shall have to begin them!

In the meantime I'll occupy myself with all the shiny new toys I have!

Have a great New Year guys!


  1. If the Whyf(???) says thundertusk, who are you to argue?

    I look forward to facing your fellas over the table with my elves in the very near future bud.

    Glad to hear you had a good xmas, hope your new year is equally as above average.

  2. Yeah, you can only really paint the models you like so if Louise says Thundertusk then you'd best obey...

  3. Drax,

    I would think your Dark Eldar are number one on the list to paint! When is the doubles tournie again? Feb if I remember rightly not long bud to get them done.
    As to the stone or tusk if you cant decide why not roll a dice lol.
    Glad you had a good xmas hope the New Year will be just as good

  4. glad to hear you had a good christmas! what did you pick up for your trollbloods?

  5. Sorry guys, I really ought to have replied before now.

    Shane - Thundertusk built, Stonehorn [i]may[/i] follow soon. sounds like a plan, and you too on the new year front

    Alan - I'm painting them thank you! and I don't think I'll be suffering painting criticism from you sir! ;)

    Nick - See newest post.

    Luke - I'm keeping that for a post in the near future, but its likely the first to appear will be the Pyg Burrowers